I'll be skating the Long Beach marathon. Advice and support appreciated.

The thread title pretty much says it all. On what will probably prove to be a fatally misguided whim*, I signed up for the inline skating incarnation of the Long Beach marathon scheduled for 10/16. This will be the longest course I’ve rollerbladed in…ever, so any advice you folks can offer would be appreciated.

Specifically, I’m curious about carbo-loading, whether it really works, and if so, how to do it properly. Also, what should I eat or drink the morning of the race? (Which is at 6:45 AM. Ick.)

I’ll also need to get a helmet, which I haven’t worn since I was a kid, so recommendations here would be great as well.

Other than that, just wish me luck. I’m pretty sure I can finish the course, it’s just a matter of whether or not it’ll still be Sunday when I do. :wink:

  • Fear not, I’m being largely facetious. I’m in fairly good shape, so my health shouldn’t be in any immediate danger. My pride, OTOH…

I don’t think you really need to “carbo load” per se. You probably get enough carbs as it is. And if you’ve been following a training plan and are tapering, you’re storing up carbs as it is.

Don’t eat anything TOO HEAVY the night before. You don’t want to have a heavy stomach race day.

I ran this marathon last year - it’s a great course. I personally ran like crap, but that was my own damn fault. Good luck!