I'll be volunteering at this year's Toronto Comic Convention

You can find the website here–it’s going to be pretty awesome. It’s my first comic convention ever: any etiquette tips?

If you are female, & dress skimpy, you can have your own entourage.

Of geeks.

Let me be the first to volunteer. :smiley:

(Not that I live anywhere near Toronto…but I’ll be there in spirit!)

Carry deodorant to repel unwanted attention by aforementioned geeks. Kinda like garlic to vampires, it is. Oh, and wear this shirt.

Never talk about Comics/TV/Film you like by comparing it positively to something else. There’s bound to be someone in earshot annoying enough to pester you about it.

Gah. That’s a nice guest list. There needs to be more big events like this across the pond, dammit.