I'll Never Be The Actor, The Doctor Or The Pilot.....

… I wanted to be when I grew up, but I’m a happy boy anyway.

I did do a little acting onstage, filmed a political interview, worked as a respiratory therpapist and helped folks get well, took a discovery ride and managed to take off and land a Cessna, and did some skydiving, so I came close to all those things.

So what will you never be that you wanted to be and are you okay with that?




I do a lot of writing, but it is the least artistic and imaginative writing possible, and it should be.

But every word is still my baby.

Hubba, hubba, hubba, hubba, hubba!

I’ll never be the next Evel Kneival.

I’m ok with that. Those jumps he missed looked like they’d hurt real bad. And I’ve done plenty of other stuff. Performed to sold out houses as an actor, logged 400+ hours in the backseat of various fighters, gone to law school, passed a bar exam, bought a house, and am engaged to The Druidess. Life has it’s challenges, but I’m a lucky man.

I’ll never be an Olympic equestrian. I’m a little sad about it. But not so sad that I want to stop living the life I have now.

I’ll never be the POTUS or play the lead in Superman. I’m perfectly comfortable now that neither came to fruition, although I did “WTF?” about Christopher Reeves when inexplicably he beat me out for the part.

I’ll never be an astronaut and I am not okay with that. I’d give my right arm to go to space but I suspect they’d require me to have both.

I’ll never be a rock star, but I’m OK with that. I’m still producing a CD and that’s fun enough.

I’ll never be a major conductor, but I’m OK with that. I’ve given 45 performances of 7 operas to appreciative audiences and had a great time doing it.

I’ll never be the next Steve Martin/Robin Williams/Don Rickles.

But I’m still a funny guy and I have performed at The Comedy Store.

Ha-HA! Love it, Johnny!:smiley: Actually, I have been looking for that song as performed by Peter Noone, formely of Herman’s Hermits. He sang it way back in '93 at an oldies concert.

Thanks to everyone who posted in this thread. It is heartening to know that none of you are bitter about not achieving that dream job yet are doing/have done some great stuff!:slight_smile:



Give me 10 to 20 years and I’ll get back to yaz.

I’ll never be an astronaut. :frowning:


Probably none of my beeswax, but why not, and how about an associated field in NASA?

I wish I could work on the Mars program.


I’ll never be an astronaut. I don’t have the mentality for being in the military, I’m not from Ohio, I get motion sickness very easily and my eyesight sucks.

Pianist was never in the cards for me; short stubby fingers, poor rhythm, and too analytical. I don’t even count that among my missed dreams.

Entertainment novelist, that I could have done - well, tried - but I never did. But I’m satisfied with the writing I do, because I do it well and it needs to be done well.

I will never get to be a dancer on Soul Train. It bums me out a little but mostly it makes me feel old.