I'll say it: I am NOT hoping for a full recovery from any (Politician or media person) anti vax or masker that gets covid

Well yeah, sure there’s white privilege involved in just lumping all unvaccinated people together as Trumpaloony conspiracy theorists. I mean, duh?

When you don’t have to be aware of systemic differences between populations that are fearful of “government conspiracies” even though they’re part of the historically dominant and powerful group, and populations that are fearful of “government conspiracies” because their historically oppressed and marginalized group has been the victim of actual government conspiracies, yes, that’s a manifestation of white privilege. The article author expressed it better than either of us, though.

And of course there’s still lots of room and reason for anger at wilfull ignorance and misinformation about vaccines even among historically marginalized groups. But it’s not rocket science to figure out that they’re not coming from exactly the same place as the defiantly Trumpaloony white antivaxxers.

I actually don’t want anti-mask/anti-vax politicians or media personalities to die of COVID. I want their spouses to die. I want their children to die. I want their parents to die. I want them to watch in horror and agony as their own words take the people that they love the most from them in one of the worst ways possible…slowly, and without them being allowed to be present due to their own currently unvaccinated-and-unwilling-to-mask status.

Is it terrible to wish this? I don’t think so. Thousands of people are going to die of this disease, I just hope it’s the ones that can have the most impact on those contributing to the spread of it.

That’s kind of messed up… I don’t want innocent people to die regardless of if it “helps” overall.

I don’t WANT “innocent” people to die, but some will anyhow. I’d much rather it be close relatives of these stupid assholes than close relatives of those looking out for fellow humans

With Idiot Steele dying his co-conspirator Mike Tassi is now complaining the hospital killed him. Steele’s going around to anti-vax rallies unmasked, but NO! It had to be someone at the hospital! Not acting like an idiot.

I absolutely hope Tassi dies next. Call me mean, call me whatever. But think about all the other dopey shitheads who BELEIVED their rhetoric and may have died before you do. We don’t see articles about them in the news, but they are part of the death rate.

“I am praying for Volusia County Councilman Fred Lowry who is ‘in the hospital wrestling with COVID-19’” Daytona Beach mayor Derrick Henry wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

Why pray for him? He’s obviously lying because there is no COVID. He said so himself. They should chuck him out and free up space for someone who is actually sick.

I feel that we are locked in an existential battle with red state America and if they want to commit mass suicide, I’m not going to lose a lot of sleep over it. They tried to overthrow our democracy on January 6 and they will keep doing it.

Lincoln project Ivermectin ad.

That is hilarious! Thanks for posting.

Radio republican number four.

Yep, this sums up my feelings about it as well.