I'll say it: I am NOT hoping for a full recovery from any (Politician or media person) anti vax or masker that gets covid

Rush Limbaugh notably played “Another One Bites The Dust” when Freddie Mercury died.

Plus, right-wingers actually shoot people.

I’ve seen quite a few of them around the internet loudly hoping that their political opponents get killed by the COVID vaccine, though. (Which is a lot less likely to actually happen, but right-wing nuts are not known for their realistic grasp of scientific facts.)

ISTM there’s not much of a case to be made for the proposition that right-wing nuts are nicer to their political opponents than vice versa.

And they are doing as much as they can to keep the disease spreading. Fuck vaccines, fuck masks, fuck social distancing, fuck anyone who advocates for them…

I certainly agree. Nasty is nasty.

Trying really hard to feel sympathy here, but…

To sum up, this guy defended Kyle Rittenhouse (which is fine), appears to have scammed Rittenhouse and his family (not fine) and his creditors (also not fine), and repeatedly posted antivax drivel on social media up to the point he was hospitalized with COVID (just generally stupid). He is now on a ventilator and non-responsive.

Get well soon…dumbass.

This guy is a complete and total grifter — in debt to the tune of several million, running sketchy fund-raising campaigns,etc — here’s a quick rundown

I wouldn’t be surprised if the “on a ventilator with Covid” was a flat out lie - these lawyers have shown a complete disrespect for the judges, court system and the truth throughout all these cases. They probably think pretending to die from Covid is great way to pwn the libs.

Where did you read this, please? This rings true to me, I would just like to read it for myself. Thanks


Slurp it up, and then regurgitate it. Why deny the ignorant their moment in the sun?


Sorry, it was in a newspaper article and too long ago for me to remember exactly which one. Lots should show up if you Google “(demographic) factors affecting Covid vaccine hesitancy” or something similar.

What is that tiny, tinny sound I hear?

Oh, wait–it’s the world’s smallest violin.

Quoth Caleb:

“My health has nothing to do with you. As harsh as that sounds, but our constitutional, fundamental rights protect that. Nothing else.” “I’m sorry if that comes off as blunt and that I don’t care. I do care. I care more about freedom than I do for your personal health.”

Rot in dirt, Caleb.

Here’s more on moron Caleb. (He was a sheep sauce sipper.)

I’m glad we are in agreeance on this matter.

And another anti-vaxx radio personality is dead. Isn’t he the third in the past week or two?

I guess he never read or did read and didn’t understand the Preamble to The Constitution.

“provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare”


I’m with Saintly_Loser. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Of course, i also oppose the death penalty.

But i can’t say that i feel a huge sense of sadness when i read that an influential anti-vaxxer died of covid. I hope he had good medical care, and pain management. But maybe, just maybe, some good will come of the death.

When people say that they hope that anti-vaxxers and ‘maskholes’ die of COVID, I think it needs to be viewed for the righteous anger that it is. We’ve given these people ample time to be responsible, not only with their own health but in protecting the health of others. But they don’t change, and they literally endanger everyone around them - us, our kids, our parents and grandparents, or friend with underlying conditions. We’re tired of it. I would rather they die first so that they can’t infect others, and so that maybe - just maybe - people in their orbit will wake up and start spreading the messages that, indeed, COVID is a disease to be taken seriously and to just shut the hell up and get the damn vaccine. Sometimes, rage that borders on psychosis is a completely justified, logical reaction to repeated outrages. I think this is one of those times.

Hrumphhh. Sounds like socialism to me!

Getting angry at the unvaccinated is a form of white privilege.

Update —- I was right, the dude was lying about having Covid and being on a ventilator. Link to my post in another thread.