Illegal can deposit redemption being addressed in Michican now.

Since the legality of collecting deposit money for cans that never had a deposit payed on it comes up on the boards every once in a while, I bring this story to your attention. New Michigan can deposit law being hashed out now. It’s mentioned that illegal redemption is stealing about $10,000,000 per year from the state. Anybody know what the can deposit is for Michigan? Tell us how many cans it takes to make 10 million dollars.

Michigan has a ten cent deposit, and every other state that has a deposit (NY, VT, ME, MA, IA, um…others?) only have a nickle.

So ten million dollars worth of cans is one hundred million cans.

Here is a previous thread we did on returning out-state cans and bottles in Michigan:

I knew the title looked wrong. Better yet my spelling software thinks Michican is a correct spelling.:smack:

But, it’s a great word for this purpose.

Remember kids to only return your Michicans!