Illinois gun laws

Looking for information on purchasing a hunting rifle in Illinois.
The store I am considering buying from has several Illinois stores and only one Iowa store. BTW I’m living in Iowa.
I’m guessing the Illinois selection would be better and cheaper since the rifle would have to be sent to Iowa.
Any big deal purchasing out of state?

Purchasing a rifle out of state is not as big of deal as purchasing a handgun.
Illinois, however, is one of the worst states when it comes to gun ownership, and there is a web of regulations and laws. So many that I’m not even going to tell you what I know about buying a gun there in fear I may leave something out.

You may be better off having an Iowa FFL dealer ship the gun in for you.

I don’t see any reason why the IL store couldn’t transfer the rifle to the IA store for you to pick up. I guess it depends on their level of customer service.

I’m a MO resident and have purchased a handgun in Florida. Picked it out and paid for it. FL dealer shipped to my local MO dealer. When it got there, I went in and did the paperwork. The MO dealer collected a few bucks for his efforts. Both long gun and hand gun purchases are done like that all the time. Particularly from internet sites such as Gunbroker.

An illinois dealer can easily transfer a gun to an iowa store, I’ve done it in Indiana several times- the Gander mountain had two rifles I wanted in Illinois, they transferred the rifles to the Indiana store, and bought them there. Piece of pie. Firearms transfers within chains are done all the time.

What kind of rifle are you looking for?