Illinois Voters--Who do you support for Governor?

I couldn’t decide if this should go in Great Debates (politics) or IMHO (polls) but here it is.

I’ve noticed a lot of posters located in Illinois and the Chicago Metro area in particular. Who are you planning on voting for for Governor in November?

I’ll start.

Judy Baar Topinka

It depends whether the Libertarians get on the ballot. If not, I’ll vote for Judy, just on the principle that alternating parties as often as possible keeps the corruption to a manageable level.

You can’t stop corruption in Illinois, you can only hope to contain it.

We currently have possibly the most inept governor on the planet.

Judy, but not necessarily because she’ll be a good governor, because she won’t be THAT moron.


Agree our best hope is to contain corruption, but given who’s in the White House, feel that I’d have to vote for a Democrat even if the party were running a chimpanzee.


This is a no-brainer.

Blago is going to go down soon anyway - Madigan turned over everything to Fitzgerald, and there’s no way Blago is going to wiggle out of this.

Hands down, Judy.

Topinka. We could really use some financial responsibility in the Governor’s Mansion, and I have higher hopes of that from Judy than from Rod.

Undecided. I consider myself an independent liberal, which means I usually end up voting Democrat. But Blagojevich is such a moron. And the corruption, oy.

But voting for a Republican? I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring myself to do it.

Couldn’t have stated my views better…

In light of the recent “down-state” St Louis Metro area power outages I’d say Blagojevich is a LAZY moron…at least Missouri’s NeoCon Blunt was somewhat on the ball…(kinda just venting…6 days w/ no electricity…)


How about this guy He looks sufficently colorful enough to be very entertaining.

I’m just up the road in Glen Carbon, fortunately we got power back Sunday night. Hope it come back soon.

Oh, and I’m going for Judy. You just HAVE to vote for a redheaded woman.

Blag has, what sounds on the surface, to be a good education policy.

It ain’t gonna save him. He’s done waaaaaay too much damage to the state economy.

I hate to say I’m voting for Judy. I don’t like her at a personal level, and there are non-political reasons for it.

Lord help me, I may not vote. I know that’s horrid, but I can’t bring myself to vote for either of these. I don’t believe in ‘lesser of two evils’, and I know it’s going to come down to one or the other. :frowning:


Being a loyal son of the Capitol City, I’ll be thrilled to have a governor who actually resides in the Governor’s Mansion.

Thanks for the replies, everyone. By my count, so far, we have the following:

Judy: 8
Rod: 1
Undecided: 3

Methinks Blago is in a spot of trouble, here.

The answer is C, none of the above.

Undecided - a good friend of my mom’s, whose opinions I generally trust, is relatively high up in state government, and she can’t stand Blagoevich - shesays there is all kinds of stuff the public doesn’t even know. I don’t know enough about Judy Baar Topinka to have an informed opinion about her, but hey, Jim Edgar was fairly moderate as Republicans go, so I will try to go against instinct and not make up my mind along party lines.

Still undecided, but leaning toward “I don’t even want to be involved in this mess.”