Illuminatiprimus—What's with that weird link in your signature?

What is the deal with that link you have to some organization called the “Vampire Temple” that appears to be a huge scam to get people to give them lots of money to learn “valuable secrets”? Is it some kind of joke?

From what you’ve posted on the boards, you don’t seem like the kind of person to be tempted by offers to learn the secrets of the universe for only $19.99, so I was just wondering what it is.

Vox Imperatoris

ETA: Here is the link.

Bookmarking. I clicked the link once a while ago and thought “huh”. I’d like to know more–do you really believe it?

Isn’t the Illuminati that kind of group?

If his username describes him at all, it does seem that he believes in some secret societies.

You’re already paying what, $14.95? a year to learn the Secrets Of The Universe through the Straight Dope. Isn’t that good enough?

Every curious, I clicked the link and did a quick search.

It’s a mystery religion/cult. Although I can’t speak for Illuminatiprimus, the various discussions I found suggest that the members of the organization do take it seriously, although “serious” might not be the proper term for a group that seems to take its lead from LeVayan satanism and RAW’s writings on the Illuminati. It seems this group has been around since at least 1999.

There are discussions related to this group that involve such things as the astral plane, ancient masters, telepathy, and feeding off of the energy of humans.

There are other groups of vampires, psy-vamps, and the like with forums where you aren’t charged money for admission or to learn their secrets. Of course, if you are a member of the Vampire Temple, you know that these poseurs understand nothing of your true power.

I’m glad you asked this question, I too was curious as to the meaning of the link.

I’m also curious about this. Bumpity bump.

Illumi is a Satanist, so I would guess it is not a joke. However, I also don’t expect him to discuss it, as from their FAQ:

Do members have to keep their affiliation secret?

No, but we do require them not to discuss Vampirism with non-members. We do this both so that we can control how we are represented and also to protect member confidentiality. We advise members not to reveal their affiliation, but they are welcome to do so provided that they don’t discuss Vampirism with non-members.

Sorry people, I hadn’t even seen this thread.

I maintain the link to the Temple in the hopes that if people are interested they might enquire further in accordance with the Temple mission (as people seem to have done). As pantheon says I’m unable to discuss the Temple with non-members, all I’ve done here is restate what is available on the website. If you wish to know more I recommend you purchase the Vampire Bible and decide what you think for yourself.

The Temple is certainly not a scam or a joke - Vox Imperatoris, I’m unclear what has led you to make that conclusion. The Temple doesn’t solicit membership or require financial contributions other than the costs of purchasing the Vampire Bible, how is anyone being scammed? If you’re not interested then don’t buy it.

I would hope that my presence on this message board has demonstrated that I’m not hokey/stupid/out of touch with reality, and that my association with the Temple will be seen in that context.

First rule of the Vampire Satanist Club: Don’t talk about the Vampire Satanist Club.

Many left hand path groups request that members not discuss much, if anything about the group or it’s particular leanings for two primary reasons: There’s not much preaching or prosthelizing done by such groups and secondly to discourage loudmouth braggarts and pretenders who ruin things for everyone no matter what that thing is.

If you have to ask, you’ll never know, but if you want to know, find out for yourself with a mind free of expectations and prejudices. :

From the website:

Just like the Vampires to suck you dry…

Active membership and lifetime membership are two different things. One can have a lifetime membership with only purchasing the book. Active membership allows access to the message boards among other things, but active membership is not a requirement to be a member.

Some may find it hard to keep an open mind when it’s called the Satanist club. I feel fortunate to have learned about them from previous threads on the dope, so I know they’re a legit group with a valid belief system.

I figured they were a scam because if they really didn’t want people to learn their secrets, then they wouldn’t sell a Bible to just anyone off the internet for $20, and if they really did want people to learn their secrets, then they wouldn’t charge $20 for a 20-page manual.

Vox Imperatoris

Because all knowledge should be completely free, right? Besides, it’s not about “selling secrets”, it’s giving people the resources to learn more. If you’re not interested in learning more (which it doesn’t sound like you are) then I don’t see what the problem is if other people are.

Can I just clarify that the Temple of the Vempire and the Church of Satan are separate organisation.

Oh. Didn’t know that. I guess I don’t know much about the Vampire Temple then.

Once they tell you that you can extend your lifespan, and hit you up for money before letting you join, you know all you need to know.