I'm a bitch when I'm in a bad mood.

I’m in fucking bad mood today. People talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed? I feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the world.

Because of this I’m a fucking bitch today. I’m trying just to keep my mouth shut and not blow up at anyone, because I know that soon enough this damn horrid day will be over. But when the guy in the fucking Taurus station wagon is going 15 mph in a 35 mph zone and riding his brakes the whole time, I want to scream out the window IT’S CALLED THE ACCELORATOR FOR A FUCKING REASON, BUDDY.

But I don’t. Why? Because I’m an ever so polite southern girl. I do try not to be rude, even when I feel like snarling at everyone who looks at me crosswise.

And I have to talk to my professor after class today about this damn project that I don’t really even know how to start. Well, it’s not that I don’t know how to fucking start it, it’s that I don’t have a group, organization or agency to develop a collection for. And the first two parts are due next week. And the assignment is pissing me off. I have got to find something to do this on soon, or I’m really up shit creek. Yes, it’s my own fault that I don’t yet have an agency, but I’m pissed at myself about it.

And they painted the apartment doors in my building yesterday which means my apartment smells like paint. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but I spent yesterday with my apartment door open so the paint could dry listening to the painters burp and fart in the hallway. Then they talked about how Krystals tear you up inside. No doubt. Then don’t fucking go to Krystal, how’s that for a fix for the problem?

I sure wish there was a soundproof room in this damn library so I could go scream for about 10 minutes. Then I might feel better. Or I might find it in me to openly be a bitch, instead of thinking snide comments about people under my breath.

Aww… sounds like someone’s got a case of the… uh, Thursdays! :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, I hope you feel better soon.

Continue to bottle your rage until the first slightly out of line comment you hear directed at you, then BITE THAT PERSON’S HEAD OFF!

But your screaming idea isn’t so bad. Let loose an anguished howl right in the middle of the campus quad, between classes. It’ll feel so good, if you can stand the embarassment. :cool:

That isn’t quite being a bitch…

I think you are right… I think you are too polite…

I mean you wanted to yell at the guy in the station wagon… and you even what you wanted to say in your head… you said Buddy…

a bitch would have said…

get the fuck out of my way before I grab your steerling wheel and stick it up your ass, while I am looking through your walet to find your address so I can do the same to your family…

and a bitch would also have yelled at the painters in a manner that they would understand…

Let them know that if you smell one more goddam fart, you are going to come out and cut their tiny dicks off and help them paint the trim around the doors with it.

We’ve all had days like that. I sympathize. Sometimes it’s good to just get all that tension out, you know?

May I suggest a bottle of tequila, a massage and a hot tub?

I think that animal sex is the only cure (sex with a human, real rough like animals, not sex WITH an animal). I perscribe 3 nights of animal sex and call me in the morining or something.

Sure doc. And where am I to find this guy?

Bah. Maybe a nap would do some good now that class/meeting with professor is done and I’m home.
On the plus side, I apparently made my professor’s day when I asked a question in class. He thanked me at the end of class - I’ve never had one do that. Of course, I think I’m the first one this semester to ask a question in class.

Are you in Library School?

I had to do a collection development assignment once that was similar to what you describe. I chose to do a collection for the American Lung Association on Asthma. I was really suffering from it at the time, and was into trying to read as much as I could about it.

What are you interested in? Find an organization aligned with your interest and your project will fly.

And if it’s any consolation, once you’re a librarian somewhere with collection responsibilities, buying books and journals with SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY is so sweet, it makes all the busy work of Library School worth it.

Well, my school calls it the School of Information Science…but, yeah, library school. I’m in my second semester and concepts and assignments this semester are fighting me so hard that I wonder why I left a good job to go back to school. Then I remember that I hated my job.

Part of the problem with the project is that I can think of things I’m interested in, but not find groups that fit the bill - I’m struggling partly because I haven’t gotten as involved in the community as I could have since I moved up here in August. The one thing I did find doesn’t fit the assignment because I wouldn’t really be able to talk to typical users - they’re at diverse sites around the city and they’re on job training programs.

I’ve stopped for tonight, I’m going to relax, and I’ll locate someplace tomorrow.

enjoy your relaxing time :slight_smile:

Does it have to be a well known organization?

If not… The Cult of Osip will gladly allow you to do what ever is needed we do not mind the publicity.