I'm a Blue Fox -or- Where's My Yellow Trout?!

I am a Blue Fox:

That’s why I kick so much ass.

Take the Animology Quiz.

Right here, apparently. Not quite what I had hoped for. Basically tells me I make no effort in anything, and am shallow. Yay. (Yes, I realize it’s just a silly quiz that has no basis in anything, but it can still hurt on a bad day!)

I knew this sounded familiar when I saw the link! Anyone happen to know what Ron Stoppable is?

He’s a pink sloth.

I’m another blue fox, apparently. Which means my perfect matches are BuckleberryFerry and Senor Senor Junior. What’re you doing tonight, BF?

Another Blue Fox here.

Blue fox. Pphhh, “natural born leader” my arse. I want my money back. :stuck_out_tongue:

'nother damn Blue Fox here, those Turtles are likely to get their Turquoise butts badly kicked

Mmmmm…Turquoise Turtle soup…

I’m a Pink Sloth.

(In more ways than one…)