I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (TV)

What? No topic on this show? I thought it’s pretty funny. It’s on EVERY night for fifteen days, but not the same time every night (usually 10pm)…

Looks like a bunch of people with no careers fighting the Australian jungle.

I like the challenges, though, they are more clever than Survivor. Tonight someone has to go in a croc/snake pond to get dinner credits :slight_smile:

I was appalled to realize I was able to explain (well, insofar as they’re explainable) the “significance” of a bunch of these people to a coworker –

Isn’t Nikki Zierling married to Ian Z. of “90210”? If so, she doesn’t seem to care much.

Yeah, I only knew who about half the people were. I haven’t been watching all that carefully - would someone like to explain how it works?

I read that she filed for divorce a while back.

Smeg, there’s nothing much to explain. There isn’t any tribal council, no one is sent home without a rose.
These ‘B’ actors just have to tough it out.
It is amusing to watch.

“B” Celebrities, try “C” or “D” Celebrities. They are people who either have a mediocre career, or no career and are trying in vain to resurrect.

And what a deliciously tacky way to go about it! I think it’s great.

Apparently we will start voting people off next week – oh joy.

I fell asleep last night (sitting in my living room, lights on, TV blaring – fried? perhaps a bit) so missed the show* – who had to go in the croc pit?

*I did, however, catch the last five minutes of “L&I:SUV” with Erik from “Celebrity Mole” playing a psycho rich kid whose grandmother took him to a whorehouse.

The bunny was voted by people to get the croc pit. There were 5 crocs, 2 were babies, some croc handlers near by & a guy with a sniper tranquilizer gun (which I thought was so funny) right at the edge of the pond. She got one star from the pond, but seems they forgot to put it in the pond, or a croc ate it, so they gave her credit for looking for it.

First half hour of the show was mostly about them discussing about someone peeing in the camp at night & that was pretty funny.

The bunny got voted for tonight too. I guess people like to see her in a bikini.

And then Robin and Melissa went and complained to the producers that the challenge had gone too far.

You know, if I were a celeb, I’d want to use a show like this to show that I’m not the pampered baby everyone assumes I am. So far, they’re just reinforcing everyone’s preconceptions. Too funny.

God help me but I have been completely sucked into this show. I admit that I’m a reality show junkie but I can’t explain my interest in this one. Maybe it’s because it really is a mix of personalities–I mean, Stuttering John and a model? Tyson Beckford and Bruce Jenner? It’s a weird, weird mix that I find strangely compelling. And the host is awful. I don’t think I can get this monkey off my back.

I agree with you, KSO. This is the only reality show I watch. I think my interest is because they’re celebrities (if you can call them that) and I enjoy seeing them in misery. I didn’t know who Stuttering John, Nikki, and Maria were and only knew about Alana Stewart because of her famous husbands.

PLEASE get “Down the Tubes” Julie Brown off the show. I want to slap that girl senseless.

I don’t mind Julie–she seems like she’s being a good sport. Nikki, on the other hand, needs to have her ass kicked. She washed her hair with their drinking water and then pulled a lameass “Oh, I’m so sowwy, I’m just a supermodel.” Skank. Part of me wants to see her voted off and part of me wants to see her continue in misery.

I like this show. Some of the people on it aren’t exactly famous, but I’d heard of most of them at some point. Tyson I’ve just seen in magazine ads before, didn’t know his name nor care. Alana I’d heard of exactly once, when they did the “George & Alana Show”. I assume I’ve heard of Stuttering John through Howard Stern, tho’ I’m not a fan. The rest I sort of recognized–yes, even Nikki Schieler-Ziering, as embarrassing as it is to admit that.


The big finale is tonight.

I voted for Cris Judd – I’m thinking the Stern fans will vote for John, a lot of women will vote for Melissa, but the dumped toy-boy-exes-of-overambitious-pop-divas contingent may not be organized enough to do Cris a lot of good. Plus he did a good job. Plus he’s cute. I’d be okay with any of the three winning, though – I was so glad* to see Bruce Jenner get the boot last night!

Stuttering John (a Celebrity? - since when) is on this show, I thought Stern didn’t like his people doing these Lame-Ass TV Shows.

I read an article not long ago in which Mark Burnett and Les Moonves said they’d looked into the idea of doing “Survivor” with an all-celebrity cast, but gave up on the idea after finding that Kato Kaelin was the most famous person they could get to do the show.

And, while I haven’t seen a single episode of “I’m a Celebrity,” I get the feeling Kato is a bigger “star” than any of the ones on that show!

Now, don’t get me wrong- I don’t expect JJulia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen or John Grisham to do shows like this! It stands to reason that real stars aren’t going to stoop to that level. But frankly, if the biggest “stars” you can get are people who were ONCE married to somebody sort-of famous (Alana Hamilton is no more a “celebrity” than Brett Somers), why even bother?

Alana and Julie’s meltdown was kinda fun to watch. Hags in paradise.

Melissa’s obvious crush on Chris Judd is also funny to watch - especially since he obviously doesn’t give a wombat’s ass about her.

Definitely a fun to watch trainwreck.

I admit it, I’ve called in almost every night. I’ve watched every episode. I want Cris Judd to win! He’s really impressed me, he’s not at all what I thought he would be like. I’ve enjoyed watching them turn on each other, it’s a basic human thrill. Who wouldn’t want to threaten to hurt Alana?

Well, the show is done & Cris won… I skipped watching the middle part of the 2 hours cause not much was happening after the three trials.

So you missed the whole part where Cris was talking about JLo? He still has no idea what happened to him, poor kid.