Dang! Am I the only one here who absolutely loves Paradise Hotel?

There’s drama, twists and turns. They make you think your favorite guest is about to leave then they totally turn it around. I shout for joy every Monday and Wednesday because it’s just one more victory for the smart ones. Oh, and unlike Survivor, it’s on TWICE a week. Honestly I think this show is almost as good as last season’s Survivor.
I think this show is a great metaphor for America. There are tons of real assholes who make it real tough for geniunely nice, mature, and intelligent people to succeed. And yet, the intelligent, mature, and nice people succeed despite those hardships. I love to watch the jerks on this show get booted off. And tonight’s and Monday’s show was horribly exciting because the sore losers all got a chance to come back and they all took it out on the people who were playing the game and winning.But while they thought they were visiting for a few days to get revenge, the rug got pulled out from under them AGAIN because they found out the producers invited them back to give them a chance to get back onto the show, but the surviving guests would choose who stays. Their bad attitudes will ensure that only the civil and nice people will stay. It’s just another chance for the nice, mature, and smart people, like Beau, to succeed again. Plus Zack pretty much got booted off for threatening Keith and that was so great. I hope Zack doesn’t really try to hurt him.
I love this show!

You’ve got to be kidding me. Beau seemed to be fairly mature at first, but now that he’s in with the “cool crowd” he’s showing what a jackass he can be. He’s a sheep just like the rest of 'em.

Not that I watch this show, of course. :smiley:

In with the “cool” crowd? He was in the cool crowd at the beginning of the show then they turned their backs on him. That’s when I realized that he was a great guy.

You would know that if you watched the show :smiley:

lol you may be right. I have been watching but I missed the first couple of weeks (so I didn’t recognize a few of the returning visitors).

I want Beau and Amanda to get back in.

Me too. They seem like they would help the Barbies.

OK, I watched the show last night for only the second time, so I don’t know the history between these people and maybe there’s a lot more going on than I could tell.

Anyway, I felt like I was watching the “popular in high school = loser in adulthood” truism come to life before my eyes. I can’t believe how ugly some of these people are. Zack picking on Keith at the breakfast table? WTF was that? I hope he watches the show and is ashamed of himself for acting like a 12-year-old bully in a 20-year-old tool’s body. Holy crap. Alex making fun of Dave’s ears? What the hell is this, 5th grade? Toni? Utter maniac. I saw six people behave much like they did in high school, I’m sure – act like shallow, cruel, bullying fucks. And on the other hand, you have someone like Dave, who’s probably been picked on his whole life, who has learned to have integrity and dignity and to treat others with respect. I hope he wins.

Umm…has it been determined what the winner gets?

They probably get to pull the switch that drops the losers into a boiling vat of molten metal. At least that is what I hope.

So, what will happen next?
The guys vote on the chick to re-enter. Dave and Keith will vote the same way. Tom will probably tag along with them. Scott(?) seems vaguely ashamed of his former mates so he won’t put up much of a fight. The guys will bring in whoever Charla wants back in, meaning only Kavita or Amanda have a shot since they have both been civil, normal human beings.

The girl side is more interesting. Obviously, Charla/Tara will vote the same way, likely the goofy guitar dude. Amanda the spawn of evil and Desiree will probably vote the same way (my guess is Andon). The swing goes to Holly who feels dumped on by one side and ignored by the other. My guess is she ends up with Charla and Tara, but that is dicey. I figure 50% guitar guy is back, 40% Andon is back, 10% there is a tie.

Since the rules are made up on the fly by an untrained pack of howler monkeys, a tie would probably resort in all guests being forced to re-create famous Civil War battles with the person doing the best General Lee impersonation winning the prize.

Not that I watch this show or anything.

I KNEW IT! :smiley:

Call me crazy, but I expect a happy ending to all this. This is Fox we’re talking about here. With CBS, I can fathom that the powers that be have a modicum of integrity, and will thusly allow the game to play naturally, even if the ending disappoints the fans (think Vecepia and Jenna on Survivor, and I understand one of the Amazing Race winners was none too popular).

I don’t think Fox has that in 'em. Look at Joe Millionaire. Everyone wanted him to pick Zora. He picked Zora. Everyone wanted her to accept his invitation. She did! A happy ending was enjoyed by all. Women watching at home cried and hugged, and men high-fived each other enthusiastically (ok maybe I’m stretching here).

I have a feeling this show will end similarly. They’ll torture us right up to the end, but eventually the good guys will take home the prize, which as far as we know is a coupon for 40 cents off “Shake ‘n’ Bake.”

comes into thread head down dragging feet

Those “cool” people are on my last nerve, they seem to have real anger control problems and Toni just cracks me up…what did Charla say about her something like “She’s 30 years old and is hanging with 20 year olds…my friends that age have jobs and lives…”

And how on God’s green earth did I miss Charla saying she thinks it’s sexy to kiss girls…why did no one tell me? I would have watched more faithfully and developed a girl crush earlier…mmmm those lips.

Not that I watch this show or anything.

Crazy…I just finished writing an OP called “Paradise Hotel - Reluctant Viewers’ Support Group”, but for some dumb reason it never registered…and then when I get back on, I see that someone else has started a PH thread.

What is it about this show??? Everyone I know is addicted (and I wouldn’t have guessed).

I eschew any Fox-produced reality show and I’m not a big TV watcher to begin with (except Seinfeld/Simpsons of course) but I’ve been completely sucked in…

Picture if you will, 14 guys, sweat dripping of them after playing an intense game of ball hockey discussing who is a bigger bitch; Amy or Kristin? It’s nuts but this was actually the scene a couple of weeks ago. “You watch PH?..Damn, so do I! I can’t wait for Amy to take a hike”

What’s going on? 8th Sign of the Apocalypse?

Not that I watch the show (who am I trying to fool).


Any thoughts on what THE ULTIMATE PRIZE will be at the end?
Also,is anyone else hoping and praying that amy gets eliminated and does not win?

Chris W

Therapy, lots and lots of therapy :smiley:

(Of course there are many who are anti-Amy! There’s an anti-Amy fan club you know) :smiley:

Dear God in heaven, where can I sign up???
Can you provide a link?

Chris W

Here is a link for many paradise hotel message boards, they have guided my PH journey.

The Anti-Amy club is at the fourth link on the list (it’s really an Anti Zach AND Amy club, I hope you don’t mind.)

We Hate Amy and Zack Fanclub

The Fox Board itself had an anti-Amy club for awhile, but that’s dropped off and I haven’t been able to find it. Just to warn you, the topics get a little…heated at the Fox Board… :wink: