I'm a first cousin once removed!!!

Just wanted to pointlessly say that my cousin Leslie in Hamilton gave birth this morning. Mom, dad, and baby are all doing fine.

They live in Hamilton so I rarely see them, but it was still a Woohoo! moment when I heard it from my mom.

First off, my heartiest congratulations to your cousin Leslie. Glad to hear both are doing fine and I wish them all the best that life can give them. :slight_smile: Is it a boy or a girl?

Having said that, however… you are not BabyLeslie_mcl’s first cousin once removed. You are BL_mcl’s mother’s cousin. BL_mcl is your first cousin once removed. The relationship is not reciprocal.


Glad to hear everyone is fine.

Yaaay matt_mcl:)

So when do you get to see Leslie?

Since when?

It is reciprocal, and matt_mcl is correct.

My dictionary, for its part, claims that “removed” means “(esp. of cousins) separated by a number of steps of descent”. In other words, both cousins. “They are first cousins once removed.”

Congrats to your cousin, Matt.
This site disagrees with you.
is a First Cousin, once removed?

To quote them:


I always remember my cousin’s kids are my first cousins once removed by saying. “She is my cousin. Those are her kids. Those kids were once removed from her. They are my first cousins once removed.”
Of course that is neither here nor there.