I'm a Genius!

…or at least that’s what http://www.iqtest.com said. I got a IQ score of 146. That’s crazy. I’m 17. How accurate are these online tests? It said that the test normally comes within 5 points of an “official test.” Anyone else done these?

I’ve never done an IQ test, but I have this bookmarked, waiting for a rainy day:


It’s called “Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests”. Maybe they’ll knock you down a few points or so. :wink:

Holy Merede… 154. No excuses now for not aceing my last Soc exam! (drats)

I don’t think it’s too accurate… it put me 18 and 22 points, respectively, above the two professional IQ tests I’ve taken.

I was thinking the same thing. I certainly liked the look of the 159 it gave me…but I’m a little leery of a site that asks for my credit card number as soon as I finish taking the test. I suspect they might inflate the numbers a bit to get more people to pony up some cash.

I got 141. I got that score even after I got bored half way through the test and randomly answered questions. (Alternating “True” and “False” answers.) I would guess that it’s not entirely accurate.

145, and I’m tired and wasn’t being careful answering the questions. Eh, IQ tests don’t read well what a person’s intelligence is, but it’s better for checking for learning disabilities.

Who the wo-man? Tubagirl’s the wo-man. Oh yeah!
I gots me a 150.

I am a borderline genius then??

Another test online said I was a little lower too.

Guess I am just retarted then. . . :frowning:

I took that once about a year ago and got like 170 something…Yeah, I was in gifted class, but not gifted school! So I think it’s off a few ticks. Anyway, the only accurate (if you believe in that sort of thing) intelligence tests are the official ones given in SAT-like conditions. You’ll find plenty of threads in the archives dissing on online IQ tests, and even official IQ tests. These online ones or the ones you can buy at B. Dalton bookstores are generally the “feel good” tests that you take to raise your self esteem a little, I think.

There’s been at least one other thread on this topic. I took the one at iqtest.com a long time ago, and got a score of 180. I consider myself to be smart (who doesn’t?) and to be honest I wasn’t too surprised at a score of 180 (heh) but apparently nobody ever really gets a score of less than 100 on that site.

I did! I got a score of 90! I was stunned. Laughed like a drain at it too :wink:

I’m still trying to figure why anyone would ever take those tests seriously. I’m about the only person I know who succeeded in getting a totally ludicrously low score but honestly how could anyone take a score of 160+ seriously? There’s serious debate about the validity of the only test which currently goes over 160 and which is used by very few psychs.

heh that site is full of bull poopy. I’ve taken that test and scored I think (this was awhile ago) a 170. It’d be damn nice if my IQ was that high but come on honestly. I knew all the Straight Dopers were smart but everyone of us being borderline geniuses? Nah it’s just raising everyones scores to make them feel good.

I did it a few months ago & got 165. I don’t think it’s particularly accurate although I do remember hearing that in terms of IQ there are a lot more geniuses around than previously thought. Apparently they’re thinking of readjusting the IQ boundaries to 160 or thereabouts to qualify for the accolade.

150 here. That’s 20-some less than the last such test I took (about 30 years ago). Natural result of aging, or inaccuracy in the test, or both?

BUT even aside from the question of accuracy (for example: what, exactly, are they measuring?), I think IQ tests are bullshit. Having high scores really messed up my school years.

Got 170. I guess I answered all the questions correctly since no higher score is possible - according to their site.

Anyway, IMO this test is BS like most the rest of 'em.

This test may be a little more accurate, but still not great. http://www.queendom.com/tests/iq.html

…because I took the test a few times (being true to the answers I gave on the first pass), and every time I clicked the button at the bottom of the test to get my score, I was shuffled off to a page asking for a credit card number. No score was apparent anywhere I looked. Am I doing something wrong??


The score is sent to whatever e-mail address you typed in before you took the test.