I'm a Mac user who feels like she's done with the iPhone

I’m really hating the new OS. I’ve checked it out on other people’s iPhones, but have yet to (and really don’t want to) install it on my iPhone 5.

But I use a desktop mac at home and I’m not sure how it would truly affect my media experience if I switched to a Droid phone (I have my eye on the Droid Maxx).

I use iCloud, iPhoto, iTunes between my phone and my desktop Mac (Mini). Obviously the Droid uses different media software, so I wonder how screwed I’d be if I switched, or if there are easy workarounds so that all my media can still be accessed on both.

Think of all the millions of Windows users who have an iPhone and do just fine accessing their media on both. Or even Windows with an Android phone.

You won’t be the first. It’ll be ok :slight_smile:

Why wouldn’t you actually use the new OS for a few days before deciding you don’t like it? You don’t really have anything to lose by doing so.

Give it a fair shake. It’s got garish, blinding colors, but under the hood there are a lot of improvements. And it’s made for the iPhone 5.

If you still hate it, an Android will work fine, but you’ll have to look into Syncing. I don’t know if iCloud will work, but I use DropBox to accomplish the same thing between my iPhone and Mac instead, and all is well.

When you plug an android phone into your computer it appears much like a USB flash drive. You can copy files, pictures, songs etc. directly between folders on your computer and folders on phone. If you are happy interacting with it this way rather than iTunes then no problem.

Because I can’t un-do it, and if switching to a non-iPhone was going to be a bad idea, I want to hold out as long as humanly possible before I update. I just really hate the look and functionality. My big hope is that maybe they’ll make the fonts and animations changeable/turn-off-able at some point. Or re-do the look altogether. I just think it’s the most childish/feminine-looking OS (and I’m a grown girl).

The cost of these things is also ridiculous- I laugh every time I’m talking on this phone (that boasts 3 microphones for increased noise-canceling) because I paid so many hundreds of dollars for it and have to hold it just so or people can’t hear anything I’m saying.

I’m just feeling done.

My point is, once you’ve resigned yourself to switching to Android, give iOS7 a try. At that point, you’d have nothing to lose.

Like, 2?

Because you can’t backgrade to iOS 6 once you do, so once you allow the update, you are stuck. And as someone who was forced to upgrade to iOS 7 on my tablet in order to maintain functionality on certain apps, I have to say that that this OS upgrade was one of the most ill-conceived, poorly tested, and bug-ridden upgrades released by Apple in living memory. It is truly awful, both in appearance and in function. The few decent improvments, such as the Control Center panel that can be swiped from the bottom of the panel are overwhelmed by the number of horrific loss of function, such as the fact that there are no longer titles available in Videos, or the broken Bluetooth functionality (I have two Bluetooth keyboards that will no longer function even though they are clearly attached, and a Bluetooth audio receiver that the iPad recognizes and then rejects). Mail routinely crashes, eating the message I was composing. Safari now automatically refreshes every time I go to a new tab. Frequently the on-screen keyboard freezes and I have to kill the app and restart it in order to make it work. Battery life has gone from "a week on standby with still 20-odd percent remaining) to “Must charge twice a day”, and that is with every recommended battery conserving setting I can find. Oh, and the upgrade process wiped every single fucking piece of data off the device, and then refuesed to restore with the backup I made prior to upgrading, forcing me to jailbreak the tablet and manually load data back into the device. That is correct; I had to violate Apple’s precious “Thou shalt not fuck with the underlying system,” commandment in order to fix problems created by the fact that the OS wouldn’t work as it should.

And what do I get for unduring this joyous update? Positively ugly fucking design, hideous line-drawing-on-white icons that look like something from a 1986 TRS-80 CoCo program, broken functionality on many apps, flying icon graphics that force me to wait nad often halt in mid-flight while the processor tries to keep up, and very, very little in the way of anything that could legitimately be considered a functional enhancement of any kind whatsoever. Really, this is what Apple products would look like if the company was being managed by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer. This is total style–and beat-with-the-ugly-stick style too boot–over function, from a company that used to be able to find the function in a style that was intuitive to use. I am not planning to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 7 until I am absolutely forced to, regardless of how out of date the apps are. I’ve stuck with iOS previously because of the stability, continuity, and intuitiveness of the interface, and this release has pretty much bounced all of that on its head with very little redeeming qualities to speak for it. If the same philosophy starts expanding to OS X upgrades I will strongly consider returning to a FreeBSD-based operating system regardless of what a pain in the ass it is to find and maintain device drivers and equivalent applications.

Back to the o.p., I know many users who successfully mix and match Android with Apple products. While you don’t have the same tight integration, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing insofar as you also don’t have to upgrade all devices in order to achieve compatibiltiy, and there are individual apps to do all of the things you need. Some effort will have to go into migration of data, but honestly, if you like other features that you see on AndroidOS then it may well be worth it. and the downside of less integration between devices is no more than a nuisence at worst.


Okay, for the 3rd time, she’s talking about abandoning the iPhone altogether. If she does that, it really doesn’t matter if she can’t go backwards.

Wow, Stranger is really mad - I can tell. You normally have such perfect spelling! :smiley:

Don’t snap at me, asshole. I pointed out that you cannot reverse the upgrade, the knowledge of which was not indicated in your original post. And your second (not thirtd) post, submitted while I was responding, does not consider that the o.p. want to remain using her existing phone while considering switching to the Android platform. Given the numerous and well-publicized downsides of iOS 7 specifically pertaining to its use as a phone (i.e. craptastic battery life, instability) it would be inadvisable to upgrade to it on a device on which one is otherwise dependent.


It’s already been pointed out in the thread.

Third post in the thread, not third post of mine.

As it may not have come across in my previous post, just so you know, Stranger, I completely agree with you on all points. I have a 4S that is now a snail and battery life, which was already starting to dwindle a bit on iOS 6 has gone to nothing since iOS7. I pretty much have to keep it plugged up all day long at work.

Guys, remember that the batteries deteriorate over time. I think they’re rated for 1000 charge cycles and that only buys you 2-3 years of usage. While a newer iOS might increase the battery usage, the fact remains that the need to recharge frequently has a hardware cause at its root. My old iPod Touch, which is still at iOS 5, has about a 15-minute battery life at this point. (Fortunately, we keep it plugged in as a NetFlix player, so it still serves us just fine.)

That said… I’m with Xanthous and Stanger in a lot of ways. MacOSX 10.7 was the last straw for me with Apple desktops. I think iOS 7 might just be the last straw with iPhones. I’m sticking with iOS 6 for now, but when I upgrade my phone in a couple of years, it might not be an iPhone I go with.

I have a 4S on iOS7, and its battery life is fine. But I’ve always had it at 50% screen brightness, and I don’t push my email, which accounts for a huge amount of power. I also shut down Background App Refresh, which is the main culprit on iOS7.

Hey, come on…this is IMHO, not the Pit. You should know this by now that it’s against the rules. In fact, judging from the amount of warnings you’ve already gotten about things like this, you do know…so here’s another warning.

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Some anecdotal evidence: twice in the past few weeks (since I upgraded to iOS7 on my 4S) I’ve noticed that my battery is nearly dead just a few hours into the day (after it being fully charged overnight). One of those times, I rebooted and plugged it in. The other, I didn’t have the capability to recharge, and the phone reported that it was almost dead for the rest of the day, but continued working fine.

So, my interpretation is that iOS 7 may or may not contain a battery draining bug, but definitely contains a battery-charge-estimation bug.

Yeah, but normal battery deterioration doesn’t cause a phone to go from a day or more of battery life to less than half a day* in the course of a day or two*. And that’s the sort of drop I’ve seen people describing on FB after they update.

Last couple of times I had a whole-number iOS upgrade it seemed to do a number on battery management. Has taken a couple of resets and a thorough review of everything that may be using power in background to get it back to something sort of normal.

My old iPhone will no longer be supported under iOS7 so I would not be facing that particular issue although all comment seems to indicate if upgrading to a 5C/5S I will still have to spend some time turning “features” off if I want some decent charge at the end of the day. The first iOS7 “fixes” update is already out, I may want to wait for the second one, I always wait for other people to find the defects in the new stuff.

I’ve been having a look at iOS7 on other people’s devices and I can see how the “look and feel” may seem off to many. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but… I’m sure they did their market analysis and too many people polled went *“OMG the UI has gone 4 years looking the same!!!” *for Apple to ignore them. The text that melts into the backgrounds is an annoyance for sure.

There are settings to do both of these, to a point anyway. You can set the set the system text to bold, which, imho, looks better and is easier on the eyes. And you can turn off the parallax effect.