iOS 7 on older (pre-iPhone 5/5S iPad w/Thunderbolt) iOS devices, your impressions?

I just installed 7 on my test victim last night (Retina iPad w/Dock connector) as it doesn’t have anything important or mission critical on it, unlike my iPhone 4S…

Overall impressions, Meh, no change in speed, the parallax wallpaper effect is cool, but I hate the overall pastel-ness and kiddie look of the icons, plus, there’s too much white/bright spaces, I prefer a darker theme

Siri seems to work better and I do like the new way multitasking is handled, get rid of the Playskool icons, bright theme, and general kiddie feel, give me a darker theme and I’d be happier

More elaboration as I test further, but for the immediate future, I will NOT be installing 7 on the iPhone yet…

Installed last night on iPhone 4. Speed is okay, but hate the crayoned look of the thing.

I had jailbroken the phone previously in order to display a calendar/agenda on the lock screen, and removed the jailbreak to update it to iOS 7.

Guess what? The new swipe down notification centre doesn’t show all day events! Instead of displaying my wedding anniversary and bin collection day today, it’s coming up with no events scheduled.

It’s eyeblindingly white even with the screen brightness turned down.

The multitasking is good, but still no “kill all apps” button. Safari has slowed down on my older phone, and the calendar is fugly as sin, and doesn’t show events from the month view that the app defaults to.

I’ve had an iPhone since the original, and went back to it after a brief two-week flirtation with a Samsung S3 Mini in January. I’ll give it a few weeks to get used to it, but may look at a HTC One instead next time.

Relevant article from Ars.

I don’t have an iPhone but my girlfriend and I were just talking about the update this morning. My Android recently updated so I was bitching. She says she HATES the update. The tones are weird, it looks stupid, Siri stopped working immediately after it updated (works this morning), etc. She’s very unhappy.

I’m not sure what kind of iPhone she has. I think it’s only a year old as of this coming holiday season.

I updated my iPhone 4s yesterday afternoon and I’m quite happy with the update. The look of it all will take some getting used to, but the platform itself is great-- very snappy and responsive. Much more so than the last update.

I, too, am a Jailbreaker, but my phone has been unjailbroken for a while now since a jailbreak wasn’t released for the last iOS update before this one. I plan on getting a 5s tomorrow, so I’ll Jailbreak that given the first opportunity (literally the only Jailbreak feature I use is turning my phone into a wifi hotspot without paying ATT extra money).

Anyway, I’m happy with the update. Whenever stuff changes, there’s a learning curve, but over all, I’m pleased with how quick things are. As far as Siri-- I was testing it last night and it is WAY more accurate now than it was before. Also, the button you push to speak/ dictate your messages? It’s also WAY more accurate now, too.

It looks ugly as shit. I was thinking of getting the 5s when my contract renews next year, but fuck that. It looks like it was designed by an 8 year old girl. No longer interested.

It has occasional lag and glitchiness on my iPad “3” (Retina display, Dock connector). Haven’t really tried to figure out why, it works well enough.

I like the look. I don’t know where this “only kids and girls can use things with bright colors” attitude comes from. That seems to be a rather juvenile attitude in itself. iOS 7 looks bright and cheerful, and free of useless ornamentation. That works for me.

I guess maybe they’ll lose the goth market. If you think the icons on your phone must reflect the magnitude of your loneliness and despair, or whatever, maybe it’s not for you.

For me, a darker theme is easier on the eyes in a darkened room

I do like the subtle transparency in the white spaces on the menu bar in Safari, and the text is pleasingly crisp, but bring back my dark theme…

The 4S will stay on iOS 6.xx for the foreseeable future, and the iPad will be my testbed for 7

iPhone 4S here. Updated last night.

I hate all the white. I also find Safari to be buggy, and defaulting to full screen has glitches. In fact, Safari quit while I was typing this (grrr).

Beyond the look and Safari, it feels snappier. Some things are taking time to adjust to, but overall I like it so far.

4S. Updated yesterday afternoon.

I am visually impaired. In particular, I need fairly high contrast to see well. Even in iOS 6, I spent a lot of time with Invert Colors toggled on (white-on-black type, FTW). Outdoors, I really need to use VoiceOver most of the time.

All the white with very thin, light boundaries is a challenge. I have gone into the accessibility settings and turned on higher contrast and larger type. That helps, but not much.

On the plus side, I can now tell Siri to turn the accessibility features on and off. That is a huge win.

Performance is fine, but I’m seeing fairly fast battery drain. Some of the animations are kind of cool, but they go by a little fast for me to grasp the clues they are trying to send.

We’ll see how I adjust to it after a couple weeks.

Iphone 4s.

There’s a lot of interface that works differently to the way it used to and not many clues that that’s the case. A fair bit of relearning to do.

If you use podcasts and don’t automatically download the latest episode while deleting all others, DO NOT UPDATE TO IOS 7 OR ITUNES 11. They’re both comprehensively stuffed. I’m trying to find a better alternative.

The zoom in and out only takes a fraction of a second, but feels long enough to be aggravating. The battery is draining remarkably quickly, but what doesn’t show up easily is that the data usage is remarkably high.

Much of Ios 7 seems to revolve around syncing devices to a common state, and that by default this is done automatically through wi-fi and 3G data streams. If you download a song, the other devices will do it off their own bat, wherever they are at the time. If an app upgrade’s available it’ll be pushed to each device, individually and automatically. That sort of thing.

Living in a country where a 1 GB 3G data limit is only available for a premium plan and where ADSL/cable broadband data limits are the order of the day, this could be a substantial cost factor that people aren’t counting on. I’m disabling these automatic syncs as I find them, but I can’t guarantee that I’ve got them all.

I can deal with Apple’s designs, even if I find them too bright (for the first tiem ever I have turned down the brightness on my phone). However, non-Apple devs seems to be really struggling with how to design something to look like an iOS 7 app.

I was discussing this with a friend today and sent a screenshot from Cyclemeter but unfortunately it has too much personal info on it for me to link to it here. My comments however were:

You can see screenshots here:

The overlapping text is when the name of your route is sufficiently long it draws it over the “cycle”, meaning it wraps together into a mess.

It used to look like this:

The app’s developers are trying too hard amanset, they could have stuck with the essence of the old design but just flattened the buttons and removed the gloss/3d look.

I compiled an app of my own using Xcode 5 for the first time last night (I didn’t want to install a beta Xcode on my home machine previously) and even a basic iOS 5/6 app can look very weird. But in short, in theory you should just have to download Xcode 5 and recompile. Even targeting iOS 5 and 6 will give an iOS 7-style look on iOS 7. So really they should have had to do anything much at all, but for some reason they felt they had to rejig a lot.

For the record, the app I recompiled has icons on the tab bar that look VERY strange in iOS 7, probably as the tab bar defaults to white instead of black now (icons are based around transparency, the level of which changes when a tab is selected).

I updated my 4S Wednesday, and haven’t experienced any problems. I’ve already taken advantage of the control panel, and love the unlimited folder space, which has cleaned up the look quite nicely.

I guess I’m not seeing the parallax though. I changed the background to one of the dynamic wallpapers - is that not the right one? I switched to the stars background briefly, but definitely didn’t notice anything. Maybe that feature got cut out of the 4S. Anyone know?

The parallax is a subtle movement of the app icons on your home screen as you tilt the device. It doesn’t matter what wallpaper you have. I can see it on my 4S.

There are some ways to combat this - I believe there is a setting right now where currently open apps will automatically refresh in the background so they’re constantly loading and reloading data. I would imagine Facebook, in particular, would be a data hog with that setting. I managed to turn it off using the settings listed in this article.

Turns out I had the parallax turned off.

Now I can’t seem to crop the original photo I used for my background. It loads up as an enormous image, and it won’t let me pinch to zoom.

Far and away the best feature. I have a much tidier phone now.

Just curious as a non-iOS user, but are you referring to your home screen/launcher when you say it’s more tidy?