"I'm a Marvel....and I'm a DC"

For those who like/know the comic book characters and/or the movies, IMO these simple little stupid videos are some funny stuff (in a totally silly way). Start on this page at the bottom (ie the first one) and work your way up. The first came out a few years back so keep in mind as they talk about movie that might are or coming up - the original hook (in my subj title) coming from the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” commercials:

They are funny, and I’d forgotten the name. I was wondering what had happened since the last time I saw them. Thanks!

Single bump. I figured this geek squad would have more people who liked these :wink: oh well, I still think they were really well done, esp for some guy who’s just tinkering around at home with silly action figures. You really should watch them in order though to appreciate the later ones.

This video is currently unavailable.

It shouldn’t be a video, but a link to a playlist.

I remember these from when they were first out, but somehow lost track of them. So, really nice to see them again. In fact, I think I’ll subscribe to the channel.

Yes, it links to a playlist, but that’s what I get when I click on any of the videos in the playlist.

Works fine for me, not sure why you’re having problems…

I’ve tried with four different browsers, two different OSes and on 2 different networks.

Oh, but which continuity are you in? I’m using a pre-Crisis browser.

ps: don’t bother with a pre-Silver Age OS. Anything before Showcase #15, and you’ll just get a still shot of Jay Garrick (with that winged pie plate hat) winking at you.

No idea what you guys are talking about but I am using Win 7 and Chrome. Oh well.

I don’t think it’s a browser issue. I’ve tried all the major browsers. Anyway, what I’m seeing is the kind of message you get when a video’s been pulled.