I'm a member now?

I just noticed that I’m a Member now! How about that?

How long ago did this happen? Has the Mad Anonymous Benefactor struck again? :slight_smile: Do I have to report this when I do my taxes?

[Taunting kid voice] ♪♪♪Somebody loves Senegoid, somebody loves Senegoid♪♪♪ [/Taunting kid voice]

Congrats. I wonder who your secret contributor was.

[equally annoying kid voice] ♪♪♪ Someone and Senegold, up in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G ♪♪♪ [/equally annoying kid voice].

That’s all I have, other than to say never shake thy gory locks at me, thou canst not say I did it!

Having looked at my profile (it took me a while to think of doing that), it seems to have happened very recently, like just earlier this month. I have a Secret Santa Claus!

I believe you have a secret admirer. :smiley:

Cool. Now I have two reasons to respect your authoritah.

You’re a Member and you have Powerful Shadowy Friends.

Absolutely! From now on, when I fight your ignorance, the outcome will always be pre-determined and never in doubt! There will be no appeals! :cool:

This happened to me, a while ago. It must have been over a year by now, so it wasn’t even a one-off. I feel a little guilty about it, because I’m not exactly a big contributor. I really should do the same for someone else when I can.

Oh (grumble), that must be a (grumble) very rewarding (grumble) feeling. I am (grumble) (grumble) happy for you. And (grumble) your family must be so (grumble) proud. I wish you (grumble) nothing but (grumble) (grumble) happiness (or a real penis in your FACE!) and joy with your (grumble) new ad-free surfing environment (grumble). (no one ever gets ME a free f^*&⁄˜% membership, stupid Senegoid suck-up) May it bring you years of happiness. :smiley:

I’m new here, as well. I have been reading the posts and wondering why I never

seem to meet many such interesting folks. I’m a working-class slob with zero sophist-

ication (whatever that is) but I really enjoy discourse. I used to like intercourse, too,

but I am 60, now, and old people should stop that sort of kid stuff by my age. I hope

this is not offensive to anyone of my age bracket. The Groucho Marx comment about

not respecting any club which would accept him (me) as a member, comes to mind,

but does not apply, here. I am honored to be with you all. Thanks and I’ll try to con

tribute something worthwhile.

:smiley: And to think, I’m the one here who has mentioned umpteen times that I’ve always avoided ads all along, just by running my browser with JavaScript disabled.

BUT! I can dig into the Marketplace forum now, can’t I?

And it only brings me one year of happiness.

ahh quitchabithin n put your name down here http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=715992
walks away shaking head…

At least she went away.

The real benefit is the secret: Forum of Uber Concentrated Knowledge, which is only accessible to members. Therein reside the most witty, urbane and consequential posters who have ever graced the Dope. Even those members you thought had passed, or simply moved on, or gotten a real life; they too post in FoUCK.

And now, Sengoid, you are among that elite, magnificent choir of the rarefied weavers of vers de société, and the recounters of the deep wisdom.

Of course, unless you are a Charter Member, you get ads. …unless you browse with JavaScript disabled.