I'm a movin' on up/ March is going to kill me/ 700 posts! Yay!

After 10 years of living in the ciggerette butt begging to be stepped on County that is Brevard, I have finally made a significant adavance in clawing my way out. Earlier today, me and my mom drove to Orlando, and signed a lease for a predominately Co-ed community. Yes, I’ll be finally getting out on my own…for the most part. My mom will help with the bills some, and my brother and sister will live a few miles away from my new home. I’m not counting on relying on either, but it’s reassuring to know they’re there for me. I’ll also have two roomates, but I get my own bedroom (and bathroom :smiley: ), and damnit, that’s enough!

I’m making the move for a few reasons. I want to reinvent myself, and to see some progress in my life. I’ve lived in the same place for too long, and I never liked it to begin with. My life reminds me too much of the movie Groundshog Day. There may be vague differences between dates, but the weather and sites are always the same. I’m hoping to find some excitment in Orlando and really take in everything it has to offer. Secondly, I want to stop relying on other people…I’m not quite in the position to do that yet, but neither was my sister when she first moved out, and into the same community I’m joining. She’s doing great now.
Finally, the privacy. Living with my mother hasn’t been an intrusive experience, but I’ve seem to become more and more of a private person anyways. I can’t stand people reading over my shoulder, refuse to write anything while she or anyone else is in the same room, and find it very hard to even do homework when she’s home. Also, I’d like my habitat to more accurately reflect how tidy of a person I am. My mom is a bit of a pack rat, so this is out of the question presently.

For $450 a month, I get the my living space (which includes appliances) and bathroom, use of gym, pool, and the clubhouse’s DVD library, Tennis Court, Basketball court, Volleyball area, cable including exclusive channels, and a chance to win a sweet big screen tv. I’ve already met one of my future roomates who’s has a few things in common, including the same first name as me.

Yes, this glorious metamorphesus will all be taking place late March, and I couldn’t be happier.

Oh wait, yes I could. Because on top of moving, I also have to keep up with my currrent job for a limited period of time, finish my semester of school in the county I’m currently living in, find good homes for my pets (two snakes, and an Iguana named Spike) help my mom move, work on who knows how many essays, and my Dad is planning on sending me tickets to visit him in Oklohoma. I may visit some online friends while I’m there. Yes, this is all worth doing, but I’m not going to get much sleep in the coming month. I’m planning on taking the next semester of school off so I can adjust living in a new place, finish reading every book I’m in the middle of and start reading the bible, write some, and meet the locals.

Who knows? Maybe the Orlando area Dopers can all meet up sometime in May to watch the Hithiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. It would be nice to not be the only freak in line with a towel :wink: .

On this joyous occasion, it occurs to me that this is my 700th post. Not a remarkable number by any means, but I think I’ve now contributed enough to this here board that I am recognized by some other members. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me with anything. From asking a chick out to computer problems, I’ve recieved plenty of awesome advice. Pat yourself on the back everyone.

In the past, I’ve left many threads to die after starting them. Maybe I was more interested in reading responses than submitting my own, or in some cases, I became preoccupied with Homework, and wondered if the people who responded to my threads would even notice it if I bumped them up again. I would like to apologize for all of these instances and assure people that I’m taking measure to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Threads will not be started unless I know I’ll have time to maintain them and contribute. I will say that I have read all of the responses submitted in all of my threads, even if I had not responded to them.

So there you have it. I will be a very relieved man in march, a dead one in April, and hopefully, someone will cast a Pheonix Down on me for the HGTTG movie coming out in May. To paraphrase Hunter S Thompson, I would be a fool not to ride this crazy torpedo all the way out to the end.

Oh Crud. I accidently hit the submit button before proofreading this thread and making a few alterations. Can a mod please delete this thread so I can post it again without the typos?

Actually, scratch that. Upon review, it miraculously appears to be without any major typos. I was planning on giving it a thread title that rhymed, but what the hell? Gotta leave something for post number 1000 :wink: .

Of course creating a thread for the purpose of celebrating my 1000th post is against the rules, so I’ll be sure to post some other noteworthy developments, quotes, and keen happenings.

Congratulations Joe! You’re going to have a great month. All the excitement building up to the actual move out date. I have no advice to offer you because I don’t think ya need any. You’re a good guy with a great head on your shoulders.

Just have fun!

Thanks Ravenous. Whenever I think about the move, I become really excited…then annoyed that I have to help my mom move…then terrified that I have to do this while going to school and working…and then relieved because I’ll get a three day vacvation from in all in Oklohoma. Just thinking about it is like watching people ride a roller coaster while standing in line.

I’ll be sure to keep you tell you all about March once it’s over.


I wanted to get that in before a Mod closes this thread.

Close? Naah, I don’t think it’s going to be closed. Only 1/3 of it celebrates my post count, the rest is just me describing the horrors and joys that await me in March. There’s enough legit MPSIMS to justify a thread.