I'm a much more interesting person than I thought.

I googled myself and learned some valuable things.

I am an accomplished physician, but I am also active in the field of behavioural and cognitive psychotherapies. I used an alias on the job, but was eventually caught. I own my own business – several of them, in fact – but I still wait tables at my dad’s old restaurant.

I have been married several times, mostly in Virginia but occasionally in New Hampshire or Tennessee. I am, unfortunately, dead, and have been for over a hundred years. But I have lots and lots of descendants. My son fell out of a tree, but he’s okay now.

I volunteer at a children’s shelter. I made a maze, but did not want to make a haunted one, because nighttime is scary enough. I think Nirvana is AWESOME. I am an accomplished horsewoman, and can give presentations on the care and feeding of horses. I am president of my sorority. I have won several swimming competitions, which is good, because I am also a Master Sailor.

in a time of chimpanzee’s i was a monkey.

Apart from being a member of two message boards I don’t exist.

I’m a British painter, an NBA basketball star, a couple of professors, an actor, and a porn movie director :eek:.

I have an unusual last name, so there was only one hit for my name, and that one was actually me. I was in a play.

I was nominated for the Alberta Emergency Service Medal and serve as a police sergeant in Wheeling, but that’s it.