I'm a progressive. Should I register as a Republican?

Trevor Noah has lately been making the suggestion for black people to do this. God I would love to see this.

I have been an independent before but I think I’m on the dem list now.

What would be any disadvantage to doing this now? As someone in the comments section said: Why shouldn’t I vote against republicans twice in each election?

Are you a dem or progressive who has a good reason for voting in your own primary as opposed to using it for strategy?

My state allows independents to vote in any (one) primary. I always take the ballow that I think will matter the most. That usually means the Democratic ballot, but I voted for Kasich in the last presidential primary.

In which election is there the greater difference between the candidates? If there are two Democratic candidates, and you think that either one of them would be great, but the two Republican candidates are one guy who’s the spawn of Satan and the other is just mildly annoying, then register R and vote for the mildly annoying guy. If, on the other hand, you think that one Democrat is great and the other is only barely acceptable, but one Republican is only slightly more horrible than the other, then register D.

And of course, it also depends on things like how big the gap is on each side, which way the gap is likely to go in the general election, and so on.

And don’t just look at the Presidential candidates: Remember that you’re also looking at the primaries for the Senate, House, and a whole passel of local races.

There’s no one blanket answer here.

join them, right?

Lets say that republicans manage to hold onto things in 2018, and they consoldate their power with further vote suppression and gerrymandering.

Why not corss over to the other side, and vote in their primaries? Vote for the progressive choices, if there are any, or at least the least regressive candidates. Let progressive know that they can run on the republican ticket, and they will be supported.

If the democratic party ends up falling apart, then we can all just abandon it to the far left that got us into this problem in the first place, and all just join the republican party, giving it a conservative and a progressive wing.

Obviously, if this were to come to pass, then the remnants of the democratic party would have no political power, and so it wouldn’t be long until the republican party split as well. In the process of splitting into the progressive republican party and the conservative republican party, maybe the conservative side can afford to shed some of its fringe as well.

Maybe we could end up with two sane parties again, that don’t hold grudges and act like adults while they are entrusted with doing the most important job in the country. Then they could work together to accomplish their shared goals, and compromise for when their goal differ, rather than this winner takes all no holds barred fighting that we are doing with our own countrymen.

I did the same thing. I regard myself as about midway between Hillary and Bernie, so either was acceptable. I voted in the Republican primary because I felt (and still feel) that trump and trumpism constitute an existential threat to our democratic system.

I’ve voted against Huckabee in Republican primaries, little good that it did.

You’ve got some imagination. I feel like my intentions towards the R party are that it needs to die for a lot of reasons. I would be a troll vote basically for them, so I can’t follow a scenario where they make it. Although you’re correct that I wouldn’t vote to the right no matter what. There is no right that’s too far for them.

Interesting anecdote: This primary was the first vote I ever made to the right of any other candidate on any ballot. It was a pol I liked from my town. And the insurgent won! So it was the first time I lost to someone from the left. I feel like Barry Goldwater or something. It’s all good though.

You could move to a state that doesn’t ask for or keep a database of the political affiliations of its citizens, like Washington. Every four years you’d have to choose which party to caucus for president with, but otherwise you’d just get a vote like everyone else.

I’d have cheered your suggestion several years ago, but times have changed. I see no up-side to voting in a Republiopathic primary today.

Would you vote for the “moderate” Republican? There’s no such thing anymore. Susan Collins? Just typing her name makes me want to puke.

In the olden days, before America went completely berserk, I’d have advocated voting for, and hopefully nominating, a GOP clown, so the D would get an easy win in the general election. In fact I did advocate 2⅔ years ago right here at SMDB, that Dopers register as R to vote for the unelectable short-fingered buffoon! (Don’t blame me though. :rolleyes: I’m pretty sure I have zero followers here.)

And there were many who followed you advice, even if it they didn’t get it from you. I do blame any democrat who crossed the aisle in order to promote trump, thinking that he would be an easy win. Not as much as I blame people who voted for trump, and not even as much as I blame people who voted for third party or abstained, but he did receive more support than he should have due to that effect.

I have no idea if it made any difference, but anyone who ever put a check box by trump’s name carries some measure of blame.

I’ve never liked the idea of crossing the aisle to mess with the other parties elections, as both parties should be putting forth their best candidates, and such shenanigans, especially if promulgated on both sides, lower the quality of candidates, and ultimately, of governance.

I live in a very republican area, and no democrat on the local ballot has won anything in my lifetime. I often vote in the republican primaries so that I have some measure of control over my elected leaders. I then vote against them in the general, especially as my “preferred” republican doesn’t always win out.

If we end up in a situation where the democrats have no chance of winning a general election, then the only way to restore your voice in governance is at the primary level.

As part of this, we would be encouraging progressives to register and run in the republican primaries, so that we would have progressives to vote for. If they manage to win and go to the general, then we can vote for them then, or if they don’t, we can vote for the democrat.

Remember, even though there do seem to be some conservatives, including posters on this board, who feel that you should be legally required to vote for the party that you primaried in, that is not actually how democracy works. Even if you vote for the more progressive republican, even if she wins, you can still vote for the democrat who is even more in line with your values.

Overall, if enough democrats crossed the lines in order to influence the republican party to become more progressive, then eventually, they would start putting up more progressive candidates of their own. You can’t change you opponent, you can only try to defeat them. You can only change a party that you are actually a part of.

I’ve always been registered as a Republican, still am, and intend to be in the future. I’m not letting the authoritarians and racists kick me out. But I’m a Republican In Name Only (RINO) because I don’t intend to vote for a Republican when I have a choice of someone who’s not. In California, only the presidential primary is restricted by party affiliation, so regularly avoid voting for one.

I could switch to the Democratic Party, but that’d simply shift both parties to the right, which is not my desired goal. I’d welcome anyone else helping me push the GOP to the left.

And you are going to be as effective as the Log Cabin Republicans in this effort.

Why would you be considering this now? I can see why you might want to do this for the primaries, but what’s the point in the general elections?

Well I just thought now, about polling.

They poll republicans on stuff. And those polls may indicate trump is really strong, “among republcans.” They never say how many voters trump lost by his actions, the indies and obama voters who got him elected, that may hate the kavanaugh pick. The more diverse republcans there are the less this will be so. When they say “Republcans are fired up about Kavanaugh” they are only talking about a smaller part of the population, and not all of those who got trump elected. That data point is inadequate information to have meaning.

If all black people for instance were to register as republicans it would change that scenario a lot. (I’m not black)

A sudden surge in Republican registrations might cause some to give up hope and stay home on Election Day. Leads one to believe that if this was such a great idea for Democrats, why aren’t Republicans trying to block such efforts?

Why bother? Registering for one of the political parties only affects the primary election process. The political parties select who is eligible to represent them. The voters select from those chosen to see which candidate should represent the political party in the general election. I doubt that there are enough cross-over votes to actually change a political parties selection from a best-for-our-party candidate to a best-for-the-opposition-party candidate.

The advantage I see of registering as Republican is that when the GOP gets to business in culling the voter registrations, you’ll be immune from being disenfranchised. Anyone who registers as a Democrat will be subject to removal, Republican registrations should be safe.

Of course, I’m lucky enough to live in a state where people don’t register by party so the point doesn’t apply to me.

Could they block such efforts even if they wanted to?

How effective are the Democrats?

So if you are a registered Democrat you can’t vote Republican, wow that seems so weird on many levels.