I'm a Weeble!

I have a sinus infection that has vacated the blockage of one ear but not the other. My best friend told me I’m wobbling. But I didn’t fall down.

Heh. I’m a Weeble. I wobble but I don’t fall down.

Lemme guess, you’re also high on decongestant?

Get better soon; sinus infections suck.

Do you have a marina? The weeble marina definitely enhanced the weeble experience.

Weebles may not fall down, but they can be forced down and held there with bricks, tonka trucks, etc.

Nah, it was all about the Weeble circus.

Marinas don’t have cannons.

Sweet! I’m not the only one hopped up on decongestants!

Sinus infections suck. But the meds can be fun.

Okay. Never post after too much Sudafed. Ever again. At least my balance is back this morning.

And the Weeble circus ruled, by the way. I forced them down with my brother’s tonka trucks as well.

Lo… you have Pie?


someone had to do it :wink: