I'm about t go see Johnny English. Wanna come?

I like Rowan Atkinson.

Not so much as Mr. Bean, but as Blackadder. This movie looks like he’s neither type of character. I guess I’ll find out in about an hour.

It id the same character from a Barclaycard advert he did years ago (‘boff’ was a different person then, if I remember rightly)

JE is much closer to Blackadder than to mr bean. His attitude is blackadder, but his skills are bean. I guess he’s an English Inspector gadget, without the gadgets. (He’s an idiot and blunders big time, but his blunders end up getting the job done by accident)

It’s a very good film IMO.

I can’t wait to see it. I love Rowan Atkinson.

This movie seems like a British version of the TV show “Get Smart”. Both are James Bond spoofs, but still. I do plan on seeing it though. :slight_smile:

Absolutely cannot wait. I’ll go with you, NoClueBoy. Mr. Maureen is faking sick so he doesn’t have to take me. Feh. He doesn’t like Monty Python either.


I saw Johnny English today. I hadn’t thought of the Get Smart angle; the movie reminded me more of the Inspector Clouseau movies(which I miss). Johnny was 100% on tactics and interpreting clues, but about 30-40% on execution. I loved Rowan Atkinson’s facial expressions–the slow realization of messing up and trying to find a way out–I had a good laugh. John Malkovich was a hoot as Pascal Sauvage with that strong french accent. The funniest scene in my opinion was when JE interrupted a funeral and berated the grieving family. He was so arrogant and condescending. I was laughing quite loudly when Bough turned up and concocted the story that JE had escaped from the lunatic asylum and asked, “Has he urinated on anyone yet?”.

I must say that the James Bond movies have spoiled me for this movie–the gadgets and special effects simply didn’t measure up. But this was a very funny movie.

I liked it.

Hope he can do some more eps with this character.