I'm about to put our cat to sleep.....

Okay…one of our cats, Sammi, has cancer. She was diagnosed with a fast growing lymphoma a few weeks ago and the prednisone shots aren’t really helping. Surgery and chemo were an option, but the vet didn’t give her much of a chance with those and the costs are seriously high. My wife and I finally decided last night to end her pain today. We’re leaving here in about 45 minutes for the vets.

My wife and I each had a cat before we met each other and brought both into our marriage. We’re very much cat people and couldn’t imagine living our lives without a kitty around. (for pictures of the cutest friggin cats in the world, visit www.markandyvette.com and click on the “felines” link. I’d code the link but I just don’t have the fucking patience right now. Forgive the rest of the site, it’s just the cat portion I’ve started on.

I suppose that this wouldn’t be so hard except for the fact that Yvette (my wife) and I watched my mother die of breast cancer 5 months ago in her home. We were both at her bedside holding her hand when she died and we experienced the whole very-very-end-of-life moments. I’m finding some similarities between the events and I’m sure thats acting upon me.

I’ve tried to be strong for Yvette’s sake and I’ve done a fairly good job, but this shit is just tearing me apart. I just let her outside for a little bit and realized that this is the last time she’ll ever wander around on our porch and then very politely meow (though rather loudly) to be let in. It’s the last time we’ll give her treats and watch her try to push her “sister” away so she can eat them. There are a lot of last moment thoughts going through my head.

I know what we’re doing is really for her benefit and that it would simply be our selfishness to try keep her around as long as possible but all I want to do is throw the credit card down and say “do what you can”.

The wife is almost due home, so I’m going to sign off and wipe my eyes and do what I can to help Yvette get through this. Thanks for listening. I don’t really need any comments or suggestions, I just needed to write this pain down so I can start to heal up a bit from it.


I’ve been there.
My 21 year old neutered tom named Clapton.

He led a darned full, long life, but it always hurts to let go. :frowning:

About a week ago my girlfriend had to put her 4-year old cat down because of cancer. She felt absolutely awful at the time, and was an emotional wreck for a couple of days, but I told her that she was taking the pain so her cat wouldn’t have to, and that seemed to help her attitude a lot.

I guess it boils down to whether or not your cat is suffering. Ask your vet – if your cat isn’t acting like she’s in pain, then let her stay with you until he/she dies peacefully in your home. In the case of my GF’s cat, though, she was starving to death, vomiting constantly and was just generally miserable. Having her drag on like that for any length of time just to make the humans feel better would have been cruel.

Incidentally, my GF racked up thousands of dollars in bills trying to save her cat and it couldn’t be done. I wouldn’t have done it myself, but she was willing to put down that credit card even though she knew that the chances weren’t good. In my opinion, if it’s cancer and the doc says it probably can’t be treated, believe them. No need to pile on financial strain on top of everything else.

Good luck with your decision.


No matter what you decide to do, strength, courage, and love to both of you. hugs and many good wishes :frowning:


The poignancy of you post brings tears to my eyes. There is obviously a lot of love in your home. Be glad for that. My family had to put a beloved pet down several months ago. Dreyfus, the black lab who had been with us many years. It was the hardest thing to do but we knew it was best for him and I think he knew too. Hugs to you and Yvette. If it helps please come back here to talk about it.


I am sorry to hear your news. Losing a pet is very deep sadness. Sending supporting thoughts your way.

:frowning: So sorry.
I lost my boy to sarcoma. It’s the hardest thing to do but they deserve it from us at the end I think.

Just wanted to let you folks that we got a new kitten today. Her name is Tabitha and she is the newest cutest goddamn kitten in the world. Thanks for the kind words and sentiments. Our new addition will definitely help east the passing of Sammi.


Awww…first you make me cry about Sammi, and then you make me cry over a new kitten! So when will you share pictures of Tabitha? Because she’s got a lot to prove to be the cutest goddamn kitten in the world!

I am so sorry. I’m a little teary eyed here because I lost my cat a couple of weeks ago. I remember those “last” things that you mentioned.

Take care of yourselves, and it’s like the vet of a previous poster said “You’re taking the pain so she won’t have to.”

akwally1, your post hit home. Our own beloved cat, Raven, has a possibly fatal liver condition. The vet hasn’t even figured out what exactly it is, but in all likelihood her days are numbered. She’s happy and healthy for now, but waiting for her to get sick is a bummer, to say the least. I keep wondering if this is the last time she’s going to do this or that.

You did the right thing, and you did it out of love. I only hope I’m that strong when Raven’s time comes. I’m very sorry for your loss.