I'm addicted to a song

“Whenever, Wherever”, by Shakira.

There’s probably a support group somewhere. Check your local directory for details.

I can’t believe I’m looking these lyrics up, but here they are:

Entire song lyrics removed. Flamsterette_X, please do a search on “fair use” or “copyright” in ATMB. Thanks.


Luckily, I don’t know the song well enough for it to stick in my head and play on endless loop. :slight_smile:

I’m addicted to Video by India. Aire, but I’m not complaining. In reality, I’m addicted to the whole album, and since it is currently loaded into my computer’s CD player, when I turn on my computer to quickly check e-mail before going to bed, I have been known to stay up late playing games until the entire CD has played, even though I have to be up for work in the morning. And then I listen to Video one more time before packing it in.

Recently, I’ve had “Stick it Out” by Frank Zappa (from Joe’s Garage) stuck in my head.

“Fick mich, du miserabler Hurensohn…”

That’s nothing…back when it first came out, ALL of my friends were all stuck singing Mandy Moore’s song “I wanna be with you”…shivers

I try but I can’t seem to get myself to think of…anything… but youuuuuuuuuuu!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHRGH!!!

Personally, right now it’s “Forty Boys in Forty Nights”, by the Donnas.

Although “Stupid Girl” by Garbage is on the CD player right now; mighty catchy!

It’s “Worrier King” by Warren Zevon for me lately.

Its the Oompah Lumpah songs for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory songs stuck in my head after watching the movie yesterday.
“The way that a cow does”


After being trapped in the Walkabout pub in Shepherd’s Bush all day yesterday I have all manner of horrendous Australian pub rock anthems beating a painful reminder into my brain.

The River Kwai March is an evergreen tune that can stick to your mind forever.

Well this sucks. I was relatively song free until I read Twisty’s post. But for some reason the Oompa Loompa song morphed into the evil-monkey chant from the Wizard of Oz.

Oh-ee-oh, yo-wo…


Thereover, hereunder ??? I like the song too, but those lyrics just plain hurt!

I’ve been addicted to Guantanamera lately, just heard the version by Los Lobos. Eating at that little Cuban restaurante might be in the cards today.

I have an obnoxious song stuck in my head.

I went to the vet and it was playing in the background:

The shrimp boats a’ coming
there’s dancin’ tonight.
oh please make it stop!
I dont even know any other lyrics!

My current song addiction is Magnetic Fields’ “All My Little Words.”

Sorry, Coldfire… my bad. :frowning: