I'm afraid to vote.

There’s so much riding on this election, I can’t work up the courage to go to the polls. Did I read the ballot thoroughly? Have I determined which way on which initiative is what I really want?

Once my vote is cast, it’s done, after all. I’ll have done all I can. Then I can only watch as the results come in.

C’mon, Rilch, it’s only a couple blocks away. You can get a burger on the way back. Get up and go…

I was offered a choice between paper ballots and the voting machine. Even though it was early voting, there were plenty of people at my polling station and not one soul was using the voting machines. Everyone was opting for the paper ballots. Interesting… :smiley:

Okay, there’s a guy pruning a tree outside my window. I can’t sit here and listen to an electrical saw, so I’ll have to go out.

And I’m back. And the light is brilliant in here because the tree has been denuded. They may think we want sunshine, but I prefer a privacy tree. :dubious:

So did you vote? Should I congratulate you on your bravery or call you a coward for chickening out?

Yes, I voted. Paper ballot.

I wanted to use the touch screen machine, but they were in use and I didn’t have a lot of time, so I had to connect the arrows on the paper one. I feel a bit concerned for the future of this country, though, since they gave me a sticker that says, “i voted”. Makes me feel like a small child who was brave at the doctor or something. Do you really need a prize for voting?

Anyway, good for getting yourself down there, Rilchiam.

Given that I was behind some dumb bitch in line who announced more than once that the only reason she was voting is that one of her teachers was offering extra credit, yes.

I felt like getting the teacher’s name and turning her in to the state elections board. Offering anything of value to induce someone to vote is illegal.

A burger? Are you voting or giving blood? :stuck_out_tongue:

Where we voted, I asked the lady who signed us in how many were opting for electronic voting and she said about twenty percent.

The TikkiFamily all went with paper.