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SDMB: “A-ha.”

Knowing me Glenn Ponder’s theme music, knowing you psychogumby.


She’s like Burt Reynolds … very reliable, but she’s got a moustache.

smell my cheese you mother!!


AND ON THAT BOMBSHELL, as 9 year-old prodigy Simon Fisher has wet himself. I, Alan Partride, dry as a bone, would like to thank my writers, reseachers…

Or how about simply “UP YOURS! KISS MY ARSE!”

I’d have to say KMKY on Radio 4, as originally broadcast, was easily the funniest thing I’ve ever heard on radio, possibly rivalled by some of the more submlime moments from I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue.

KMKY as transferred to TV as a chat show, mm, well, yes, some good moments but for me it didn’t quite work.

But then… I’m Alan Partridge the Travel Lodge series I consider to be the second-greatest comedy series ever broadcast, only beaten (by a whisker) by my beloved Fawlty Towers. Superb writing, breathless invention, a rock-solid cast delivering perfect performances, gorgeously produced and directed by Ianucci & Co. with some of secret patent for coaxing astonishingly naturalistic performances out of their talented cast, and many, many moments that I can never forget nor would ever wish to.

Alan’s sex scene with the Pear Tree productions floozie is possibly the single funniest scene I’ve ever seen on TV. Kind of remarkable, given that it’s a locked off camera shot in near-total darkness.

The joy of it is that they’ve persuaded Coogan, Ianucci and Co. to create 6 more, taking up where the last series left off.

Yes, this is a classic scene! Oh, yes. That’s first class!

So, what do you think of the pedestrianisation of Norwich City Centre?

Which we propably won’t get to see in Australia until 2005. :frowning: I hope they release it on DVD sometime before then, though. :smiley:

What wouldn’t I give for some genuine radio station to give Coogan a couple of hours each week to present a show as AP. We need more of this kind of stuff…

“…and that was Joni Mitchell there, ‘They paved paradise, put up a parking lot’. Showing, I feel, her own rather blinkered attitudes towards the need for adequate parking facilities in our towns and cities.”

I’ve been laughing for the last ten minutes at this. I’m still laughing :smiley:

Would you like me to dance for you?

Whenever I need a laugh, I sing to myself in an Alan Partridge voice.

‘Kommen Sie Bitte und listen to Kraftwerk!’

Because of Alan Partridge, I can no longer walk intop a hotel room without thinking of Bangkok ChickBoys.
The best moment is when he has the Farmers representative on the show so that Alan can apologise for his comments. But in true Alan style, it all goes wrong

“Spine in a bap, it should be Spine in a baguette!! And I know what you keep in those barns!! 40 foot tall Chickens!! and they’re saying “Why am I so Tall??” and its because of all the genetical modifications!!”

Is there anybody else who has to watch that series in ten minute bursts? Several times during each episode I’d have to take a break to let my embarrassment levels drop back to normal.

As for that sex scene: ‘Ooh! You certainly know your onions.’: the TV was off for half an hour.

I normally watch about 3 episodes in one sitting! I know what you mean, though.

‘Hands up … give me all your petrol! Just kidding, i’d like 12 bottles of windscreen washer fluid, thanks.’

This is a blast. A few seconds of silence in the dark followed by Shall I do the other one now?