I'm All About You, Eve.

Tonight I had one of those encounters that occurs less often as time goes on. I watched a film that was simply excellent, with scant prior knowledge of its reputation.

I’m a male chauvinist to my very core, otherwise I would have recognized All About Eve as one of the seminal moments of film history. Instead, I looked at the title and said, “pffft; chick flick.” I am so pleased to be wrong.

This picture is now over half a century old, yet it is rife with cynical double dealings, sexual innuendo, Evil Queens, and just-comeuppance to the point that I don’t know where to begin. The film itself even manages to mock its own plot by faking a handoff from Bette Davis to Marilyn Monroe. That sort of thing can’t be planned, unless you believe the absurd premises of the film itself.

I was enticed to rent this particular flick by reading the various film threads on this board, which are notably contributed to by the likes of film buffs such as Cervaise and especially you, Eve. I doubt I would have ever seen this film were it not for my association of your sterling name with that title.

Thank you.

Seeing All About Eve for the first time was a very rewarding experience for me, too. And so was seeing it for the second and third times.

My drama club at Mt. Dora High School has been searching for scenes to perform in a production we’ll be having next year. Thanks for reminding me of this film, Sofa King. We’ll be certain to include a few scenes from the movie.

My favorite part is the party, at which Marilyn Monroe (Copacabana School of Acting) makes her appearance.

Next try The Lady Eve. You won’t be disappointed. (It’s not a sequel.)

Why, THANK you, darling! May I also suggest, in addition to “The Lady Eve”—

“Eve Knew Her Apples” (1945)—Ann Miller as a radio star on the run

“Eve’s Leaves” (1926)—naughty silent comedy, with Leatrice Joy as a girl raised as a boy

“Three Faces of Eve” (1957)—Joanne Woodward goes nuts

“Children of Eve” (1915)—drama about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

“It Started with Eve” (1941)—Deanna Durban as a hat-check girl in romantic trouble

—Why, we can have an all-Eve film festival! Goodness, I haven’t even started on the TV shows (“Mr. Adams and Eve,” “The Eve Arden Show”) or the porn films yet!

Not to mention “Eve’s Bayou”, “Eve of Destruction” and “Eve 'n Cowgirls Get the Blues”.

Not to mention the porn TV shows. Like that French sex show where female viewers fantasize about having sex with Eve the hostess.

L’Eve et ta Beaver.