I'm an Elected Official! Woohoo!

Well, ok, it’s minor, but I was just today elected to my law school’s student government. They made me the official secretary/treasurer (which gives me embezzlement opportunities galore, I’m sure).

Not a tremendous accomplishment, but I’m happy. If anyone wants to share any misappropriation ideas, now’s the time. :smiley:

Speaking as someone who hopes to be posting a similar thread fairly shortly: applause

And don’t even THINK about the embezzlement thing. I know you weren’t serious, but a guy embezzled a lot of money from my friend’s university’s student union and basically ended up the most hated person on campus.

Admit it matt. It was you, wasn’t it? :wink:

Congrats, ResIpsaLoquitor. And for fifty buck I won’t tell anyone about you scheme.

From an unelected faceless bureaucrat, congratulations.

Cool, and here I live in the same town, ready to benefit from the largesse of your expense account.


Hey, awright…maybe with my misappropriated funds, I could fly you, me, and every other MI Doper to the next Fest anywhere in the world. Sweet!

Buy me a car?