I'm applying for a walk-on role in "The Hobbit".

I promised myself I would never again surf the web while barefoot, after my last ecnounter with Hyperkitty (bleeding toe, and HyperKitty/Mud crashed into the washer while escaping). This morning, I figured, eh, catch a few pages after my shower and before I head off to work.

So here I sit, dressed from the ankles up (no socks or shoes on yet) and my feet are still wet. And I feel a wet tongue ripping the flesh off my instep. Ow. It’s the cat. Gentle nudge (yes, gentle: I did not want her teeth in my toe while I am sleeping), push her away. She comes back to me, wanting to be friendly and loving, and rubs up against my wet feet.

And leaves enough cat hair all over my feet for me to be mistaken for Bilbo’s long-lost second cousin’s niece (the side of the family he doesn’t talk about).

Dammit, I just finished brushing her this morning, and had to clean out the brush twice, since it was all clogged up. I front-brushed her, I back-brushed her, I even did the tummy rubs with a minimum of scratching (her at me - she’s tolerant of tummy rubs only on her terms). And still after all this and the stretching and claw flexing and purrrrrrrrrrrring and ‘ooooooh that feels sooooooo goooood’, she shows her appreciation by leaving my feet coated in enough cat hair that my feet would stay warm throughout the winter. Except it’s spring and I do not want warm feet in the spring. Where was all this hair when I needed warm feet in the winter?! And now I have to wash all the hair off my feet before I head off to work. Sheesh.

At least I got enough hair off her to avoid the WBMD - Weapon of Bath Mat Destruction, aka ‘hairballs’. Ick.

Awww, see how much she loves you? Isn’t that cute?

Our cats are shedding clumps of hair right now. Not individual hairs- definitely clumps.