I'm at school!

I managed to get the internet at school, so I decided to post. It’s an a really slow connection… Man I hate a network that probably uses the same 24.4 modem for all 50 or so computers in the school. It’s just neat, however Mundane and Pointless it may be.

Me too.

All the classrooms are wired to the county network. Most classes do not have computers though. But I just plug my laptop in. The only problem is I can’t check my email because the proxy server wont let me. But it is letting post.

I am not sure if this is such a good thing though. I have a dozen ways to get online, including a cellular modem. I need to just put this thing down and walk away from the boards for a while.

I’m posting from school too… I have two different library aide periods because of the way I have my Math class and I usually have nothing to do in those two periods, so I have lots of time to go on the computers at school.

I’m home now. We had a pep rally then a basketball game. I’m now resting and enjoying the weekend.

The other day, Tasha and I took laptops from school and were sitting next to each other and just posting all through history class. That was fun. Certainly moreso than paying attention.

I post from school all of the time.

Funny, that.

That’s good. You rest up your sexy self.

Did you win the game, little guy? :slight_smile: