I'm baaaaaack!

I’m back from a month-long hiatus in which my mind turned to the pressing needs of Burning Man. I’ve been back in civilization now for a couple of weeks (and even managed to squeeze in a drive down to Disneyland last weekend), and I feel like I’m finally winding down to my normal old self. I’ve missed you guys (and yes, it took me this long to figure that out!) I see in my absence that AudreyK has managed to post almost 1,000 messages (woo hoo!)!

I’m now back reading SDMB, and even RSVPed to the fag hag-friendly leather-denim-flogger-pain-is-good SF Dopefest that oldscratch has scratched together. Awright!

So… what’s up?!? Have I missed anything exciting in the last month or what??

I was just about to send a search party out for you and Obby. Did you bring him back, too? I still have my hopeless crush on him…he’s still a misathrope, right? :wink:

We had a major infestation of trolls apparently, but I missed it all because my stupid ISP went bankrupt. Other than that, it’s been pretty much run of the mill.

Hi tot.

Yes, Mr. Baglady… er… Obfusciatrist, is back as well. This is our second trip to Burning Man, and as it was last year, Obfus is going through his decompression period, where he seems to be almost sociable, affable, and even gasp talks to strangers.

I do assume it will wear off soon enough. :wink:

For the love of God it must! Maybe if I write and tell him about my new turtles and how cute they are and how they poke their precious little heads out of the water when I walk in the room and I’m trying to find wee little leashes for them…do you think that would snap him out of it? :slight_smile:

Welcome back. hope you aren’t having to hard a time readjusting. Are you still waiting for people to start sponteneously performing for your benefit. I know that afte i got back i though it was strange that people kept acting so normal. I

I’m a curmudgeon, not a misanthrope.

Oldscratch: The thing to do is walk around saying to yourself “Being a corporate cog is just their ART.”

Besides, the guy that walks market with the sign saying that Clinton has been impeached by a galactic tectronic society (or something like that) is enough to keep my buzz going.

PS: A leash is a good idea. It will allow you to play a game of seeing how many toilet flushes they can survive before you lose your grip on it.

My dear curmudegeonly Mr. ObfuscLady is back! :::Swoon:::

If you’ve been away for a month then you were gone while we had the Vegas gathering: Vegas Dopefest 2000 Sept 1 - 4 Official thread.

A good time was had by all, and the Wally buttons you made for us were great! Thanks, we appreciated them.

beatle beat me too it! BTW we determined that the Vegas Dopefest will be an annual deal, next year I am thinking mid-August and will be contacting a few hotels in a few weeks to get the ball rolling. (just FYI so you and obf can come join us!)

Glad to see you back baglady, hope you are well!

Not much happening, actually pretty mellow here and over on the FFF too!

Hey beatle – Burning Man was the reason Obfusciatrist and I couldn’t make it to the Vegas Dopefest. Otherwise, we would’ve been there, believe me!!

TC – that is soooo cool that you are willing to change the dates for us… but isn’t August kinda uh… HOT in Vegas? We go into severe desert-heat mode for Burning Man; having an extra weekend of it right beforehand might be a bit tough. Be warned that we leave for Burning Man during the last week of August, and that the week or two leading up to it gets quite hectic because of preparations.

Unless there’s a reason to have it in the summer, how’s about when it gets a tad cooler… say, like in early Octoberish? Too late? :smiley:


Actually, it was the concensus of the group that we hold it earlier in the year. August is not much hotter than the first week of September (I went 2 years ago during mid August).

Since a good majority of the day is spent indoors (unless we get group to head out to Lake Mead) it really isn’t all that bad.

It would be cheaper to go in July but with all the 4th of July vacations and such I thought August would be good, also, we have a buttload of August birthdays here on the SD and on the FFF so I thought it would be a good occasion to celebrate all us August babies too.

Hiya Baglady!

I sure did! I credit the combination of having no life and finding a sweetie to flirt with. :wink:

Anyway, I was wondering what happened to you two! Great to have you and the mister back. Tell him I said [Hawaii pidgin accent]“Wassup!”[/Hawaii pidgin accent].

I noted, "I see in my absence that AudreyK has managed to post almost 1,000 messages (woo hoo!)!

To which AudreyK replied, "I sure did! I credit the combination of having no life and finding a sweetie to flirt with. ;)"

WOW!!! :eek: Who who who who?!?!?!?!?!?

Enquiring minds wanna know. So do all curious nosey Gladys Kravitzes of the world!!! Do tell!

Hee hee! Here’s the thread