Wahh! RaCha'ar lives no more!

Maaan. Looks like I’ll have to re-submit my name change request to the tubalicious one. Oh well. So how the hell have all of you been? (she asked, as she prepared to paw back through the hundreds of posts that have no doubt been asking much the same thing prior to this one, sigh…)

I’ve been so fine and dandy I’ve been scaring small children and dogs.
I’ve actually been banned from going out in public because of the fabulosity radiating off of me. I’m now haunting the sewers and utility tunnels in North Central Florida.
So, how is everyone else doing?

still bootylicious :smiley:

Not me. That comment was directed towards the Opener of this thread.

I’m Hella-good though, thanks for asking.

If anyone can make it to Sapporo this weekend, my band is playing a St. P’s Eve show and we’re gonna rock the roof off the place, which is really gonna be impressive because the joint’s in the basement

How many people are taking advantage of this phabulous one-time offer to change their names? I’m back to zero (as if it mattered, it’s just a number, right? Right?).

Oh man! I love that user name. Hurry back RaCha’ar!

Well, I was a relative newby at SDMB when the board went down, so I had to reregister. I decided to keep my temp. board name because, for one I had more posts under this name on the temp. board than I did on the old board, and also, why the hell not?
P.S. I miss smashie… but this guys cool :wally whatever.

It’s so weird to not have the really recent posts back. I was in the middle of a few really enthusiastic discussions – plus I was on the list of people Maeglin was supposed to compare to a Medieval literary character. Wahhhh. :frowning: Oh well. Nice to see all of you again. :slight_smile:

I’m fine. I still owe you a box of 'Nilla wafers. You were going to wear bells. Sound familiar?

Whatever name you use is fine with me.

Hey, look! I’m back! w00t! ::dances around wearing her new username and bells:: Gimme 'nillas!

Bah! I come in here to say hidey-ho to the lovely and much-lamented saffostar, and by the time I get to the bottom of the thread, she’s been overtaken by that creepy RaCha’ar chick again. :eek: She has a rampaging Viking name, and frightens me a bit.
saff–if you can hear me, walk into the light! Do it now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome Back oh divine one!
bella–resistant to change for a quarter century and counting.

Hi RaCha’ar! Been missing ya. What’s new?


Hey, belladonna! What are you tryin’ to do? She’s got the bells on forcryinoutloud!


RaCha’ar, come to papa. I got the Nillas right here!:wink:

Hey RaCha’ar! Nice to see ya got yer name back!
Hi galen and loser and everybody else too! Whee!!

Ohhh ya. I got the bells on, I’m gettin’ 'nillas, and I’m STILL too bootylicious for all of you. I may be a creepy Viking chick, but at least I got booty!

What? Is that you, you harlot saffostarr? Get back, back I say! Back into the darkness! RaCha’ar lives! MUHUHUHUHA!

<RaCha’ar singing:>

Hit the road, saffostar,
And dontcha come back no more, no more, no more, no more!
Hit the road, saffostar,
And dontcha come back no more!