I'm back, or Swiddles and Liquid Food

You probably didn’t notice I’d gone. Well, I did. They extracted four fully imacted wisdom teeth from my jaws Thursday morning, in pieces. Of course, I don’t remember any of this, because I was blissfully unconcious. I’ve been at the Riddles family homestead for the past 5 days lamenting about my swollen cheeks (mom: You look not unlike a chipmunk.
Swiddles: thut up, mum!
mom: Or just a more swollen version of you. Hey, maybe this is what you’ll look like when you get old!
Swiddles: do are thoooo ucky I can’t bite…) And screaming at my often amusing family to stop being so godammed funny, as laughing hurt my jaw. Funny bastards.

And after I stopped having a violent reaction to either the anestesia or the narcotic meds they gave me and was actually able to keep food and water down (you try going through a traumatic surgery and then not eating for two days. I actually considered the fact that if I couldn’t keep water down, I’d have to go back and get a liquid drip. Considering the fact that the IV was bent in my arm when they removed it, I wasn’t so keen on that.) I realised that I miss chewable food. I am considering either apple sause or pudding for dinner tonight. Hmmmm…maybe I’ll be wild and smoosh up some tofu or mash up a hard boiled egg. And the worst is that I have fresh basil and tomatos from MamaRiddles’ garden in my fridge, and a yen for some nice Tuscan pasta with olive oil and garlic…oh the humanity.

Anyone have any mushy food recommendations?

Fresh tomato basil soup sounds good, and it’s not too difficult to make.

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I lived on mashed potatoes and chocolate ice cream for about two days. Then I moved up to Campbell’s Chunky soup, and in about 5 days, was eating like I always did. Then again, I’m a freak. I only took half a pain pill the entire time, didn’t swell at all after the first day, and only threw up once (a combo of the general anesthesia and the blood dripping down my throat into my stomach). Needless to say, anytime I hear that ANYONE has to get their wisdom teeth out in my city, I recommend my oral surgeon. He was awesome.

Have fun with the narcotics, Swiddles! (we need a stoned smiley :smiley: )

You poor thing! You will heal quickly and then gnaw gaping wounds in each and every one of your loving family.

In the meantime, try making gazpacho. Peel and seed some of those wonderful tomatoes into a blender or food processor with fresh herbs, celerey, green peppers, garlic, etc. along w/ some V8 or something to thin it. Add some plain yogurt or sour cream if you want it creamier.

Eat/drink it cold. (It’s usually left a little chunkier, but spare your poor mouth for a bit.)

If you crave hot food, how about a very smooth potato soup, or cheddar cheese soup? Warming comfort food.

Poor Swiddles! Your jaws ache but your sense of humor is intact. Hang in there, sweetie.


I got by my wisdom teeth extractions with that peanut butter & jelly stuff mixed in the same jar and a spoon. It took my 3 trips to the dentist to get them all. The dentist thought he was doing me a favor by pulling them one at a time. After 2 I got wise to the scheme and said take the rest out now.

There is also something called gogurt now, yogurt in a tube. That requires little jaw action.

Oh no, don’t make this sound bad, please… I already wasn’t looking forward to it. The dentist told me (just before he was arrested for tax evasion) that I’d have to get my wisdom teeth out before I turned 17, and that’s coming up in November… I was in a couple of weeks ago for a cleaning and his replacement noted that they were starting to impact and that I would indeed need surgery in the next few months.

Feel better Swiddles! I’ve had teeth out, and I feel for you. My mother would make me soft-boiled eggs with crumbled bread when I was sick. It’s a good comfort food, and very mushy. Keep us up to date on how you are doing.

That sux, Swiddles. Been there, done that. I also had a reaction to the anesthesia and required an IV to keep from dehydrating. All I can say is, “this, too, shall pass…”

Hang in there…

Wash the narcs down with beer. The ones they give you are never strong enough.

Four at once? Are you nuts or was I nuts to go through it twice?

Don’t worry, hon. The nurse, while prepping me, told me that because I am 20, pushing 21, I would have a harder time of it than the 16 year olds. She said they just bounched back like nothing. I shudder to think what this would have been like in my 40s.

I’ve gone from my mom patting my head and being all momish to my cat snuggling incessently and being decidedly momish. In fact, she is on my lap this instant staring at me, imploring me to go back to bed so she can get back to sleeping on me.

I’m feeling better today, though I was late for class this morning and had to trek across campus quickly. That was a mistake, I almost blacked out. Stupid me thinks that because my legs work again, I am back to 100%. I’m off the narcs completely, they weren’t all that spectacular to begin with. I wanted percoset, they give me some no name drugs. Feh. Thanks for the food advice, I’m taking a gamble and have chili bubbling on the stove. I can’t remember if I ever had to chew chili, exactly, but here’s hoping I didn’t.

Glad to hear that you’re feeling better Swiddles. I haven’t really had any major teeth problems, so I didn’t have any food recommendations. Unless I did have problems, and because of the drugs I just can’t remember. Oh well.
Take care of yourself. I know that when I feel even the slightest bit better after being sick, I feel like going out and jogging, or doing backflips. Then I usually end up making myself feel worse.
Take care. :slight_smile:

Oh Swiddles. I’m so glad you’re done with it. You were soooo worried and now, even though it’s icky, I bet it’s nice to be on the other side of the surgery. I was awake when mine came out–wish I’d been out. I’m glad you’re finally on the mend.
Take care.

maskh up ramen noodles. You can do this by crushing the package the thing comes in.

What? This stuff is supposed to be cold? Um, then serve it cold. It’s not AWFUL cold . . .

*Originally posted by SwimmingRiddles *

Aw, shit. I still have all four of mine in and I’m two months away from 31. Just had my six-month appointment, too. Should I have 'em out or what?

In any case, speedy recovery from your surgery, Swiddles. Major surgery like that sucks rocks and you’re always stuck wondering how long you’re gonna suffer like that. Hope you’re eating tasty soft food though! I always liked soup, myself. :smiley:

I wonder about you people who have general anesthetic for oral surgery…

I heard too many horror stories to go thru that. I got local & was fairly lucid for the entire procedure (3 impacted, my dentist is still wondering where the 4th one is). It was very interesting. I didn’t realize a persons mouth opened wide enough for a dentist to put both hands inside. & did you know that when they crack your teeth in half with that chisel it echos inside your head? (maybe that was just the vicodin they gave me before we started)

Any who… I had the surgery at 10 am, slept with icepacks on my face for the four hrs followoing & then went to boston market for a chicken dinner. I skipped the entire jello-pudding-baby-food stage.

I highly recommend local anesthetic.

PS. disolving stitches don’t. they break into big pieces & have to be pulled out anyway.

Oops. I forgot to add, I was 25 when I got mine out. I think they telly you it’s worse when your older so you won’t put it off.

I’m 27 and still have all mine. They started getting painful two years ago but my othodontist said I didn’t have to get them removed, so I didn’t. Every once in a while they’ll do something and start to hurt, but I only have a slim chance of one of them impacting.

Anyway, Swiddles, it’s good to see you back. My grandmother was nearly killed in a car accident 15 years ago and had both of her jaws smashed (always wear a seatbelt, kids – she went face-first into the dashboard). As a result, she had her rebuilt jaws wired shut for several months and was on a liquid food diet for that long. It was horrible, but she grew to be a fan of Gerber’s baby food after time.

Get well soon.

Oh Swiddles, glad to know you’re okay. I had all four removed. It wasn’t bad - general anesthetic. I was a bit of a basket case till the meds wore off, but then no problems for me. I think I had malt-o-meal for a day or so.

My sister had hers out within a week of mine, and had two dry sockets. She was miserable for much longer. Then a couple years later she had to have her jaw broken to correct her TMJ problems. Wired her jaw shut for several months. She began to hate eating through a straw.

Olentzero, if you’re almost 31, it is not likely you will need them removed. They usually grow in during late teens and early 20’s. If you have enough room in your jaw they can grow in fine. Some people don’t have any, either.