I'm back! With News and Pie.

So I’ve been on internet hiatus because of a crashed hard drive the last few weeks. If anyone remembers (and I won’t take any offense if nobody does) I started a thread talking about my new job at a hotdog place. That has been going well. So well that they are making me a manager at one of the other locations in town. Me, a manager! And after only a month working for them. I haven’t even gotten my second paycheck yet.(and once I do it’s paid subscription all they way)
I’m going to rule my resturant with an iron fist! No, actually I’m not one of those managers. At least I don’t think I am, I’ve never been in charge any where.
One of the other threads I started concerned my upcoming trip to Boston. My flight leaves Friday morning, and I’m still terrified of getting on that plane. But I can’t wait to get to the city! Lucky for me my GF is from Boston so I have a native guide to show me all the non-tourist fun stuff. I do have one question she can’t answer though, Are there any decent punk type clothing stores in Boston? I’m looking for some place like the Alley in Chicago(and I remember when the Alley was in an alley.)

So here I am again, I hope everybody had a good 4th.