I'm back

took the summer off from SDMB (do you know, there’s this big bright, warm thing outside in the sky in the summer? you can go outside in shorts, even).

please don’t crush my ego by saying “who?”


I thought so - I’m anonymous.

LIAR!!! I just looked outside and there is NO such thing out there.

it seems to be periodic, Kat - it’s there when I’m working, but disappears soon after I get home - very disconcerting.

Who? :smiley:

j/k, welcome back! How was you summer jti? What did you do? What are you doing now? We want INFO!!!

We’ve just finished winter over here and believe me it’s better inside than out. Can’t wait till summer myself.

Welcome back jti, hope you had a wonderful summer!!

Welcome back jti. I’ve heard of this big, bright, warm thing, but have never seen it. Maybe I should take a little break from the SDMB, too. :smiley: