Hey folks! It's nice to be back! Damn it's HOT here!!!

Well I’ve completed my hiatus from the SDMB (move, job, possible new lil-phlosphr etc…etc…) and here I am again :slight_smile: Anyway! Good to see all the old names, and some new ones. I’m in Phoenix now and yes, it’s 118 and we’re nearly melting…but things are going really well. I’m officially out of academia and assuming a new role in the environmental planning sector. Fun stuff! I’ve seen some beautiful country the past several months.

Anyway! I’m back and happy to be back! Cheers!

Welcome back! I’m melting also, but it’s the ever-popular Maryland humidity on top of several hours of yard work, so I can’t blame it entirely on the heat.

That’s all I’ve got for now - I’m too pooped to be clever or even sociable. But it’s nice to see you again - I always enjoyed reading your posts.

I’d been wondering where you’d wandered off to! Welcome back.

Welcome back! I look forward to reading your posts again.

Welcome back - if you had a thread explaining your big change, can you post a link here?

Welcome back, Phlosphr! Glad to hear you’ll have time to Dope again.

WordMan, he posted about it here: I’m no longer a New Englander! I’m now a Phoenician!.

Great to see you back, Phl! I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts.

My brother lives in Scottsdale, and my adult niece lives in Peoria, AZ…and from what I have heard, your job sounds neccessary and overdue!

I live in Las Vegas, so…you think it is hot now? Wait a few weeks.

I love the heat. Give me those 125 degree days all summer. I still get the heebiejeebies thinking of Chicago in January!

Welcome back!

Thanks for the link Northern - I am now a Phoenician it is working out really well. My wife and I do love the accessability to some of the best hking on the planet, and to our new found love - Hang Gliding - more to come about that later.
As for the 110+ days - really it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Anything above 105 is just plain hot! And yes my new job in Environmental Planning is really going to be beneficial, even in my litte part of the world.

Hey Phlosphr! Glad to see you back. Any big plans for your new back yard?

Well my wife and I are currently working on a new stone grotto around our little pool. It adds texture to the surrounding desert theme. It’ll have a small water feature. Nothing crazy… I have 1/40th of the land I had in CT. :frowning: But I must admit this place is growing on me. :slight_smile: Plus my wife and I are buying some land that was recently given up from the BLM. If we can swing it 30 acres in Pinetop AZ will be ours soon. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Valley of the Sun! First of all, the rule is that anything under 110 F. is “warm,” but over that you are permitted to say it is “hot.” :slight_smile:

Take consolation in the 5-7 percent humidity, and do enjoy the hiking. I’m one of the few lunatics that climbs Black Mtn in Cave Creek almost every day all summer. Come on up and try it, or if that’s too far, try Camelback or Piestewa Peak.

I’ve heard that folks in Feenx are into xeriscaping; something about evading copiers, I guess.

Ah, xeriscaping. Want one? I’ve got a xeriscaped front yard that was installed by a previous owner. It really is a case of “What were they smoking?” since every other front yard in the area has green grass. We have brown spiky/scraggly stuff.

118 degrees? Well, it’s a dry heat, right? :eek:

So is my oven, but I’m not going in there either. I can’t imagine living someplace where the restaurants wrap towels around the handles to prevent people burning their hands on it.

Anyway, welcome back, and be sure to taunt all of us northerners in about 6 months.

Congrats on the move! Lots nicer away from those New England winters, no? :wink: