How hot is hot where YOU live??

The San Francisco Bay Area experienced what seemed like an unprecedented heat wave yesterday. SF Airport hit 103, and SF city itself hit 100+. A woman died from heat prostation in her stalled car, and a number of dogs were released from parked cars and rescued to the shelter to keep cool. [Keep in mind the temps are usually around low-70s here this time of year.] For folks living here who are normally used to breezy summers and mellow winters, this was WAY extreme. PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) was rolling selective blackouts so the whole city wouldn’t go into a blackout from excessive use of air conditioning. Whewwww!!!

… So how hot is hot? How hot does it get in YOUR city? What do you DO when it gets over 100?

how hot does it get in my city? well personally all i have seen is 125, but my dad sez its been hotter than that. yesterday was up to 112 in the shade.
funny thing is, nobody dies up here from the heat, i guess its too common. the worst its ever been was about 2 years ago. 120 for 5 days straight, its a hundred at 6 am. as forwhat i do? the usuall, get up, sweat, eat, sweat, go do shit outside, sweat alot.
its not too bad once you live in it for 20 years

Uh… I really don’t know the Farenheit scale…

/me opens another browser window to check conversion scales

Hmmm. About 37 C.

Well, I start to totally melt whenever it gets up much over 30 C (86 F), therefore I probably wouldn’t seriously consider a move to a warmer area.

the fun part is when you crack an egg on a black cars hood, and it cooks up nice.
chrome seatbelt parts leave scars,
and your can bake cookies in your car (200 plus)
sorry about posting in the F scale, but you know us americans, cant do anyhting the way the rest of the world does, (it makes us unique and hated everywhere)

Baglady, I’m just a hair south of you. In San Jose, todays headline (about yesterday) screamed “109 - San Jose’s hottest day”. Man, it was a scorcher. I don’t have airconditioning in my car, and I literally couldn’t hold the steering wheel while I was driving. I had to grab it with a rag. Hot!

I’m in Hawaii. The current weather report says it’s about 77. I have the ceiling fan on, so it’s not too bad. But I’ve heard about you poor people suffering in 100+ degree weather. :frowning: That sucks.

Gawd, I remember when people came to Hawaii for the warm weather.This will wreck tourism for sure.:smiley:

In my area, it’s been getting into the high 90s. For southern California, that’s generally standard this time of year, but for ME… anything above 65, and I’m miserable. See, I’m fat, and therefore sweat a lot…

Anyway, I find it extremely funny to watch TV weather reports this time of year. For some reason, they always act surprised whenever the weather gets hotter… apparently, they don’t teach the concept of “seasons” at weather-person school.

It was bad… When I got home to my apartment in the East Bay yesterday around 7 PM, my indoor thermometer read 99 degrees, and that’s only because the readout doesn’t go any higher. And I live on the west side of the hills! It’s great to be able to live in a place where you don’t need air conditioning 99% of the time, but I would have killed for it yesterday.

Southcentral Virginia…90’s this week and last. Humidity 80 to 90%. It rained last night for a little while. It gets pretty hot here in the Summer. I love it but people from other parts of the country are usually bothered by the humidity that pretty much always goes along with it.


I live in Los Hideous, but not too far inland from the coast (I’m on the Westside); so it’s not as hot as it could be.

As I left Bellingham, WA on Tuesday morning, it was about 55° and sprinkling. Very pleasant. A few hours later I saw the Hell-A Basin. There was a 3,000 foot layer of smog. Every square inch of the ground seemed covered with buildings and streets. Everything was grey, except for the hills; which were brown. It was about 80°. I hate this place. :frowning:

does it count if you go deep into the subway system here in NYC? then it’s real hot n’ stinky.

Oh My God.

When the temperature hits over 20 celcius here in Ireland us locals are in shorts and t-shirts…

Anything over 90F is considered “hot,” although temps in the 100’s are not rare in July & August.

Temps of 100° to 115° were common when I lived in the Mojave Desert (actually, 105° to 108° were more common that 115°). It’s not so bad there because it’s so dry. But I prefer the cold wetness of western Washington.

I was on Vancouver Island on Sunday. Very rainy and windy. Monday (my birthday) was warm and sunny. Sunny days are so much better when it rains often! When it’s sunny all the bloody time, as it is in Los Hideous, it gets tiresome. Washington was good because it would rain, then it would be sunny, then it would rain… Nice mix.

We’ve had mid to upper 90’s for over a month here in North Florida. About normal for us. It’s not the heat but lack of rain that’s hurting us. Normal for us is a daily afternoon shower around 2pm (could almost set a clock by it). This summer, nada. Everything is so dry now that fireworks have been banned for the 4th and it’s going to take a hurricane or two to fill up the lakes again.


As Chrisbar says, it’s been the drought here in NE Florida that has been hard to live with. Yards turning brown, fire hazards, dogs panting, plants’ leaves curling up, people shriveling up are all signs of the seriousness of this drought. Have pity on Jacksonville east of the St John’s River to the beach, please; we had to sit thru hours of lightening and thunderstorms last night only to have the rain and hale fall west of the river. Thank goodness we aren’t farmers relying on our crops to feed our families.

My mother-in-law (who lives in Jax) commented on those same storms last night. What a bummer to get nothing out of all that fuss. Somebody send us a (small) hurricane soon.


Here in Colorado, it was 46 degrees when I left for work this morning.

The Bay area division of my company had to turn off a bunch of servers because PG&E was doing blackouts. Nifty!

Yeah, go figure, 2 days ago, it was pushing 90 at 8 am.

Weird place, Colorado. I love it!

Im right near the US Open in mid California. Its fogged out too. haha :slight_smile:

70 is hot here. It was 109 in San Jose the other day. Anyone in Arizona?