So how hot is it?

Right now here in SE Iowa its 98 degrees at my own official weather station. Thats the thermometer hanging on the corn crib. :smiley:

Its supposed to reach 100+ here Sunday.

How hot is it where you are?

108 yesterday, 109 today. Of course, we just got back from Las Vegas, where it was 117!

Its 60°F and cloudy. It was 85°F and sunny yesterday. I think its going to snow tomorrow. :eek:

87 today, on it’s way to a high of 92. Sunday we have “extreme heat warnings”. It’ll hit 100 I’m sure.

Me? I’m the sick one, I like the heat. I’m smart about it, guzzling water and staying cool as much as I can, but all in all, I’d rather have this than that 20 below zero crud when everything you touch sticks to you and your boogers freeze in your nose.

Currently 109, supposed to get up to 116.

And I’m with mr bus guy. I’d much rather have the heat than the cold.

It’s hotter than a freshly f*cked fox in a forest fire. Thanks for asking. :wink:

It’s so hot, the birds have to use pot holders to pull worms out of the ground!

It’s so hot, the potatoes cook underground and all you have to do to have lunch is to pull one out and add butter, salt and pepper!

It’s so hot that the farmers are feeding the chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying hard-boiled eggs!

What Eve said, about 25 miles west. My brain has cooked in its own juices, and ceased functioning.

But all in all, waaaaay better than Monday, right Eve?

Here in Austin it is a rather sane 92[sup]o[/sup]. Clouds are rolling in and there is a 30% chance of rain which could actually lower the temp into the 80s.

It was 59 this morning when I left for work, with an expected high of 76. It’s sunny, too. Perfect weather!

I just checked the window thermometer, which is somewhat shaded. At that, it’s still 98-99 degrees, so it’s ten degrees hotter in the direct sun, just as you noted.

Laughlin hit 118 when I was there in early July. whew

'Bout the same down here in Texas…

It’s so hot I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking.

Today it’s only 85 degrees! Cooled down some, from high 90’s all week. And…humidity’s only 43 %. We are scheduled for a break next week, as for 2 weeks now we’ve had high 70’s humidity and that kills you more than the heat.

Count me in with Mr. Bus Guy, though - summer’s the best!

Its so damn hot…Milk was a bad choice.

Right now it’s 96 degrees outside. But there’s plenty of humidity to make up for it.

It was so hot today, George “Dubya” Bush was desperate to find any way to get into a draft.

I was wrong. This morning was just an on-shore flow. Now, at 2:45PM, its a sweltering 75°F.
I think I’ll have an iced coffee…

“Only?” Here (AZ) that’s really muggy. :slight_smile: Once it gets above the single digits, it’s too humid for most of us. Yeah, it’s a die (er, dry) heat. Temps running 110-116 most days, but I’m with you too, beats shovelling snow and freezing the gonads.

It’s been in the mid-90’s this week with 300% humidity.