How hot is it where you are?

I have lived in either Ohio or Kentucky my whole life except for 4 years in Alabama. On only a couple of occasions have I seen forecasts for temperatures as high as 103 degrees fahrenheit. On one of those occasions the temperature may have gotten as high as 105.

The forecast for the next 5 days(from the weather channel, but the local stations are close to the same) are daily high temperatures of 105, 108, 109, 104, and 100 before finally getting down to 99 on Tuesday. This is a truly remarkable heatwave.

So, what is it like where you are?

Today it was 109 and humid.

You might want to put your general location also.

Hi Metal Guy

Lucky you. I live in the UK. Had more rain this “summer” than in the winter.
Temperature where we live is supposed to be 26c today :cool:, but we’re excpecting thunder and rain.

i’ve found temperatures of 90f is Ok if on holiday. If working? Not so good.
It’s downright uncomfy. But, I prefer to swelter than be chilled. Guess I’m living too far north.:frowning:

Today it was 96 F. with a dewpoint of 78. I live in Minnesota; I’m not designed for this kind of heat. Supposed to be hot here for the next week or so but not quite as bad as in Ohio, low to mid 90s.

Wow! That is remarkable. Your forecast is about the same as ours is in Tucson. Except that’s pretty normal for us. We’re used to it, although air conditioning does keep it tolerable for us.

It is a cool 27 degree Celsius ( 84 degree F) here in Mumbai, India. It started raining this week.:slight_smile:

Forecast is in the same range for next 5 days.

It does not appear that the heat wave will get quite as bad in Alabama as the swath across the middle of the country (going by the screen shot of the temps over the USA on the Weather Channel facebook page - their site is down right now). When I went outside at 5:00 this morning it was very pleasant and almost cool (relatively). We do have a heat advisory for temps above 100 for the next several days. I think the hottest I have ever been in was 103ish? With the humidity sometimes I will think we are boiling alive and find out it is only 92f.

Either way - I still wouldn’t trade it for a northern snowstorm. I am made for heat. I would not survive the cold.

Southeast Michigan is supposed to hit 100 degrees today. That’s pretty rare up here.

Tel Aviv, Israel; it’s going to be 30-ish © with periods of up to 35 for the next three months or so.
And humid, but never quite humid enough for rain :frowning:

You can have my rain, Nooner… anyway I’m right at the beach, so all the storm did was wake me up at 4am after my neighbors stopped celebrating the Red’s victory whereabouts of 1am.

Humidity of Le Yuck, but temps are in the low 30ºCs by day and mid-20s by night, in a village close to Barcelona.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard on the news here in Ohio that there was a warning because conditions are favorable for wildfires.

Here in Central Texas it’s pretty damn hot.

The AC will be on today, blinds are down, veggies watered, fans circulating, the thermostat inside is creeping towards 78, it’s 9am in the great lake state. But the Lake, she’s a great refresher!

120 degrees F at six or so at wakeup time; four in the afternoon, 98 degrees with 27% humidity.

The high today will be around 72, a bit hazy with a slight breeze.

Around DC the next five days: 95, 99, 97, 101, 99.

Here in Columbus it’s going to flirt with 100 today before going 97, then settling in the mid-lower 90s for the next few days.

Quite hot for Ohio, but not the hottest. I do miss living in upstate New York in the summers, though. While it did hit 101 for one day, I loved the typical highs in the low 80s with about 50% humidity. By contrast, the humid 90s and such in Ohio suck.

Paul is going to win the thread, though. I never saw 120, but I had plenty of times between 112-116 when I was in Kuwait during OIF. 120 is just insane. And at 27% humidity, that’s really hot. 27% doesn’t sound like much, but at 120, that’s really high humidity, so Paul - my heart goes out to you, man!

Forecast for Raleigh, NC over the next several days is 94, 103, 105, 105, 102, 101, 99. If that holds it will tie the record for consecutive days at or above 100.

I honestly can’t recall a forecast temperature of 105, and I’ve lived here for well over 30 years.

I’ll add that while that is a bit above average, it’s not unusual for this time of year.