How hot is it where you are?

It will be in the low 90’s in Upstate NY the next few days. After a very rainy spring, it’s dry now. The lawn is turning brown like it’s going dormant already, I get a static shock touching metal, and little brush fires are breaking out in the area.

We had a couple of 100-degree days in San Jose last week; this week we’re in the 70s.

120 at 6am and then cooling off during the day? Was that a typo?

Here it’s going to be in the 90’s going towards 100 for the next few days. Record-breaking heat. Which I shouldn’t mind, having just moved here from Tucson, but I do mind, because at least there I had AC! ::dies::

Yesterday I think we hit 95 or 96. Today and the next week or so, we’re supposed to hover right around 90. That’s pretty damn hot for Minnesota, and the humidity makes it feel much worse than it actually is.

East Tennessee reporting in. 73F/23C right now at 1040 EDT. High predicted as 86F/30C for late afternoon. Highs this weekend may reach 97F/36C and that is ridiculously hot for up here in the mountains. Fortunately, my computers and I live in air-conditioned bliss. Assuming, of course, the power remains on. If we get a blackout, then I will move the towers into storage away from the evil sun and stay near the streamside for occasional dunks in the cool water.

Oops- I thought my location showed even as a guest. I am in western North Carolina, in the mountains, probably fairly close to Gagundathar.

Illinois. 100s today, then upper 90s for a while.

Way too hot. Bring on winter!

The forecast is for 88 today. We had several days of upper 90s-low 100s last week (or was it the week before?). We’ll have plenty more over the next couple months. Luckily, we have very low humidity, so it’s not nearly as bad here at 105 degrees as it is on the East Coast or in the South at 90.

St. Louis Missouri. Yesterday the high was 98, today it may go as high as 108, breaking the previous record high of 105 for June 28.

It’s usually very humid here, but lately it’s been fairly dry for St. Louis, and some municipalities in the area have already announced cancellation of their Independence Day fireworks displays on July 4.

That’s a good guess, Alice. I’m about 14 miles west of the TN/NC border.

I’ve been hearing anything from 102F/39C to 107/42C for the high today in Indianapolis. Here’s hoping the power doesn’t go out like it did last night; a good part of he city was down for a couple of hours (3 to 5 AM) because of unexpected demand for air conditioning.

About 10:30pm and officially 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Up around 100 each day. Pretty fucking hot in general, but not as bad as March and April, our hottest months. I’m especially glad we were away during April this year, as it averaged 105 degrees Fahrenheit each day with hellacious humidity.

I’m in northwest England. It’s a touch warmer today than it has been, as it’s 72 outside right now. I would find it quite pleasant, but the humidity is ghastly. I came home from a run for groceries a little while ago wishing it had just gone ahead and rained because I ended up just as damp anyway. Not that this area needs more rain right now, not with all the flooding a few days ago, but I don’t need the humidity either.

Back home in northeast Tennessee, it’s supposed to be 97 today. My family thinks I’m nuts for preferring the cool British summers, but honestly, 97? In June? I’d have cranked the a/c and locked myself in the coldest room in the house, refusing to come out until November at the earliest.

I’m way down in the lower reaches of the southern hemisphere. It’s the middle of winter here, and a particularly cold winter at that.

The national websites suck at this kind of thing and are all over the map. TWC was showing several days of 105+ for us (east tn too, hi) while others were showing 99. I usually go with the National Weather Service (

The forecast models are in agreement though, it’s gonna be hawt. The atmosphere in the central and east US is in a “blocked” pattern with high pressure areas keeping any weather from happening. It’s going to stay hot and dry until something breaks it up, and although it can change at any time, there’s nothing very solid in the outlook that gives me much hope. At least the record breaking highs will only last a few days, then it will just be generally hot and dry.

Gonna hit 99 today, lake effect must be cooling us off some. No days yet forecast over 100 this week, here in the Chicago suburbs (unless you count the heat index, of course). Still, it’s humid as shit and hotter than an attorney’s armpit in hell out there.

I propped shut the window my a/c unit is in with a heavy hardcover book… it seems increasingly likely that someone will try to steal it in these conditions. If they want to steal mine, they’re going to have to break the window. My hope is they’d move on to an easier target instead.

61 (F) in Seattle area right now. we had the heat on last night, and a fire last weekend to take the chill off.

I’m not complaining.

It’s high 90’s (F) here in Albuquerque; we expect to push 100 this time of year, of course. The thing that gets to me is that the nighttime lows aren’t going under 70 now that we’ve paved over so much of the desert here. Other, smaller, communities in our neck of the non-woods get some relief at night, with lows in the high 50’s or low 60’s. I realize that those of you in lower, more humid areas probably have no sympathy at all for me on that account.

Our humidity levels have been ranging from 5% to 20% the past couple of weeks, so our evaporative coolers are working so far. I’d sacrifice that for some rain, though. We’re all praying for a good, early “monsoon” season this year to put out some of the fires. If it rains in the afternoons, that also brings the overnight lows down, too, which helps make the daytime heat bearable.

It’s averaged a high of 102 degrees (that’s about 41 celsius, I think) here in Kansas the past week.

My in-laws are vistiting from Malaysia. They have lived their entire lives within 100 miles of the equator. They borrow a sweater if the thermometer dips below 65 degrees. Yet, today, even THEY said it’s a “little too hot” for comfortably walking around outside!

I lived two summers in Albuquerque and recall it always seemed to get about 100 degrees for 10 days or so in late June, then the rest of the season was not so bad.