It's wicked hot here

as the locals say and I hate, hate, hate it!! Granted, it’s not quite 90 but that’s hot for New England. And it’s humid too so my hair is all frizzy.

That is all.

It’s about 100 here (St. Louis, MO).

I miss New England.

95° outside and 90° inside. Pretty much lost our central air Wednesday night.

We have 98 degrees, and it actually feels like 98 degrees!

It’s 96 but feels like 103. It says the wind chill is 96.

Wind chill?

It has been in the 90’s here for the last couple of weeks, and very humid. I actually like it, as long as I don’t have to work out in it. But there’s a big pile of mulch in my driveway that isn’t getting moved until we get a slight break in the temps.

It’s wicked hot here, too, but we get a big rainstorm just about every day (usually with thunder and lightening), so that cools it down for a while. The humidity, though! My God, the humidity!

(I live in Central Florida.)

A huge storm has just developed out of nowhere and it is raining and hailing like crazy. I might get a new roof out of this if it keeps up!

Go here in the next 20 minutes to see it develop.

Yeah, step outside and you feel like you step into a wall of air. I know that feeling quite well after five summers in New Orleans and still get it occasionally up here in the DC area.

Shouldn’t that be “It’s wicket hawt heah”? :wink:

I would dance and sing in the streets for some 89 degree weather!! Been 98-99 here for at least a week with heat indexes over 100 and no relief in sight… :frowning:

How right you are, my mistake. But in my defense, I’m “from away.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see what Weatherbug has to say…aahhh 98 heat index 101
Hey and summer starts today!

Michigan had the hottest April and May ever. It has been hot ,over 85, for weeks at a time. We have cracked 90 a few times. But it snowed in Dallas last winter and Limbaugh pointed out ,that is proof of no global warming. Cranking off hot weeks one after another ,is not.

When I lived in Singapore, I hated the weather. It was like mid-80 degrees and 80% humidity all year round. All year round!

Can we swap? It’s wicked cold here! To all the World Cup visitors: We apologise for the so-called “weather” you have been receiving, and promise that it it not usually this frickin’ freezing.

Can you also apologise for the dodgy umpiring that has seen Australia getting arsed before its time??

That’d be cool. :smiley:

Mwahahaha! No apologies to Aussies :stuck_out_tongue:
So how’s the weather down under?