It's very warm.

In fact, it’s hot. Really, really, really hot. Also, humid. It’s so hot that I’d almost rather be at work (which is air conditioned) than at home (not so much). Okay, not really, that was a joke.

I have to leave to catch the bus in a couple minutes, though, and I’m not looking forward to going outside.

It’s 87 degrees. Feels like 93, according to It must have been at least 90 at it’s peak today, feeling like 95. My apartment is not air conditioned. My office is not air conditioned, and it has but am eight inch wall between it and a boiler room. My office gets well over 80 degrees. The AC in my car is broke. I have no place to escape the heat.

I’m just south of Chicago–it’s hot as hell here.

it’s airless and broody and wants to thunderstorm, but hasn’t for at least 1 week.

I don’t like A/C but am grateful for it at present.

Friday is supposed to be good, but I’m working…ugh.

bus couldn’t have been fun. Dread the commute tomorrow (my Volvo’s A/C is broken-going in on Thursday).

Wow, it actually was quite a bit cooler than I’d expected - only in the mid 80s. Even with the humidity, it couldn’t have felt like more than 92 or so. A huge HUGE improvement over yesterday, which was at least 10 degrees hotter.

eleanoribgy, PACE and CTA are both nicely air conditioned, so they’re quite pleasant. It’s the waiting that gets tough. The weather here in Chicago is so extreme, it’s a wonder we aren’t all bipolar. Remember a few months ago when we were waiting for the snow to melt?

Sing it, my midwestern sister! I wanna retro-pox whoever came up with the term “lake-effect” and made me think it indicated temperate conditions.

Yesterday sucked, got over 100 by rush hour, plus humidity of a kazillion percent or so. I can’t even mosey in weather like that, I just sort of ooze around on the sidewalk. No watering can for the flowers, just drag a sprinkler out so I can lay right on down in the grass in an attempt to get cooled off.

Today was much better, low 90s and now it’s T-storming and has dropped into the high 70s. :smiley:

I have been doing work out doors for nearly 12 hours a day (geologist, doing environmental remediation, drilling/soil sampling projects in Las Vegas) for the last 2 weeks. It has been over a hundred every day. I have been out in the brutal sun all day flaming ball of hate in the sky. I am going to be out doing this for the next two weeks and our monsoon season is just strating up where we get really humid (for here anyway)
Although heat with humdity sucks big time. I grew up in Nebraska and don’t miss those humid summers one bit.
At least my truck AC works. I feel for those of you who have no AC in your cars or offices to escape to.

It’s sickeningly hot and humid in Montreal too. The a/c is making funny noises so I’m scared to run it for more than an hour at a time without a break. Even at full strength it wouldn’t help much, though, because we hit 32C, which felt like 43C with the humidity.

If I was alone at home I would have sat around naked in front of a fan with a spray bottle all day.

90s here for a week or so, little rain this month. 99 tomorrow it is said, but then weather prediction is not a science, but a Black Art.

I feel guilty that the A/C works in the home, car and place of employment.
I have to go into some unoccupied buildings that aren’t air conditioned. Does that make it feel any better?

Never happened. I am always sufficiently aware of the misery of Great Lakes summers that I never pray to hasten summer’s arrival.

I don’t know how you folks do it. Sure it can get hot here, but everything is air conditioned. I wish you all cooling breezes and reccomend filling the tub with cool water and ice cubes followed by peppermint lotion or an alcohol rub.

Well, I live in an old apartment that’s only sort of rehabbed. It has all kinds of weird things going on in it. So, no AC.

Fortunately, we have Lake Michigan here in Chicago. I can only imagine how much worse it is farther away from the Great Lakes.

You may note that no one from the DC area has come in to offer you any condolences…

Is it cause they all died of heat exhaustion?

:smiley: Probably because they’re too miserable to talk about it! It’s regularly in the 90s with very high humidity from late May thru early September, I’m talking walking outside at 6AM and immediately starting to sweat. My a/c almost never stops from June thru August, even at night. And there’s this thick haze that sits in the bowl that is DC and we have “Code Orange” and “Code Red” days due to air quality.

I grew up in Arkansas (yo, carnivorousplant!), where the temps hit 100 several times in the summer, plus pretty bad humidity, but it’s still not quite as bad as DC. I honestly don’t know how people live without A/C here.

I really love winter. It’s so blissfully cold.

Smog and heat alerts on today in Toronto, plus a governmental plea to use as little power as possible due to the overtaxed power grid. Hah! I say. It’s supposed to be 33 with high humidity again today, and every day this week. It might get a little cooler on Saturday.

I don’t complain about winter. I love winter.

I’m ‘inland’ from the lake in Park Ridge and these last few days have been horrible. Last Friday was the worst I remember in a long time…at least since last summer!

Dude, as much fun as the 2003 blackout was, I don’t think anybody wants a repeat performance. I’m turning off lights and amping up the thermostat a few notches today.

Although it does look kind of thundery out right now… crosses fingers

I love winter too!

Hmm. Well, you see, I cleverly missed the blackout last time by being in Iowa, so I live in glorious ignorance of what Toronto was like with no power for a couple of day. And besides, we only run the a/c for about half the day, and on low.

It’s not supposed to get cool until the weekend. Grr.

Well, If you ever consider moving to Texas, just remember, the temp is just like what you are experiencing now only it lasts for FIVE STRAIGHT MONTHS! That and we’ve gone thirty days without rain, and none in sight.

Just north of Detroit, been really hot lately and I’ve been loving it.

I got my pool 3 years ago. I spent that summer sick in bed, and the next two summers rarely got hot enough to swim.

I’ve been living in the pool the last couple weeks.

Finally getting my money out of the thing.