It's very warm.

I work “inland” too. It’s just neat. I hear we’re gonna have a t-storm tonight. I love a good t-storm, but heat + rain = horrible.

I grew up in the DC area (Bowie, Maryland). I remember the color of the sky and the hot, stuffy smell on bad-air days.

I miss the thunderstorms, but I don’t miss those hazy, hot, and humid days.

This has been our hottest day so far. 98F on the thermometer, 101 heat index. I’m glad I’m at work… and that’s not something I say often.

I’m also glad my AC works at home. We’d come home to cooked cats and dog if it didn’t.

After two New Orleans summers, I know humidity. And I haaaaaate it.

But it got to 99F here today. Even with 31% humidity (watch me dry up and blow away!) that’s just too damn hot. I was afraid the summers would be like this here.

That sounds like the weather in the part of the Bay Area, east of the hills, that I call home. I didn’t know there was anywhere in the Southeast, particularly Louisiana, that got that kind of weather. I thought it was all hot, muggy weather like I remember from the East Coast.

You learn something new every day.

Funny, it’s actually gotten quite a bit cooler this evening. I think the rain threat might actually - finally - come true tonight. I saw a digital themometer on the way home that said 59, though. Um, no. It cooled down, but not quite that much.

We get essentially the same weather as north Texas, from what I can see. We’re almost in Texas anyway. North and south Louisiana are very different, weatherwise as well as in other ways.

Humidity does make heat far far worse, but above 95F, it’s too damn hot no matter the humidity.

I’ve been to Texas in spring, and Arkansas in summer. I’m going to live the rest of my life in panicked avoidance of going any farther south ever again. I refuse to be anywhere where 33C plus humidity is a nice autumn day.

One thing about the part of Louisiana that I’m in now–there’s often a breeze. At home, ninety miles farther north, that hot air and humidity without any wind blowing is pretty gross.

The last couple summers weren’t that bad, but I have a bad feeling this year…

LB, who’s lived in D.C. with minimal AC for nearly twenty years and seen almost every summer blockbuster no matter how crappy.

We’ve been cooler than normal this month due to quite a bit of rain. We’re gonna top the all-time known record some time today. Normally we’re in the 90s by now but have been hovering around 85 for weeks. What with virtually everything being air-conditioned, it’s very comfortable to be in Florida right now. :slight_smile:

The Chicago Sun Times has a daily weather word - a word that describes the weather on the front page every day. Because they never (AFAICT) repeat, and they long ago used up “hot” and “cold”, the word is almost inevitably totally stupid.

The other day: “Deep Fried”.
Yesterday: “Ugh”. (I actually liked that one, it was how I would have described it.)
Today: “Uncle!”

I hope no one gets paid for this.

The heat’s supposed to break tomorrow. Whoooooooo.

NO shit. It was 80[sup]o[/sup] by 8:30 this morning. 100[sup]o[/sup]+ for the next two or three days. However, the temp is supposed to drop to a balmy 98 for the 4th. I did actually see rain in the 10 day forcast.

Yeah, we we lucky, but this year, we haven’t seen a lot of relief, except for that beautiful week we just had not too long ago.

More hazy, stagnant death heat ahead. :frowning:

They ran an interview with the weather word guy a year or so ago. He does in fact get paid. :smiley:

Kyla --I once had the dubious pleasure several years ago of riding a 151 bus w/o air in July–weather like this now.

Weather is supposed to break tomorrow, and I hafta work-boohoo.
We got a slight thunderstorm early this morning (alot of tease and very little actual rain), but a breeze just cropped up about 20 minutes ago–a not so humid, not so hot breeze. Hoping that weather turns this afternoon so that I can enjoy my front porch swing a bit. Working 12’s, I don’t see much of any weather the days I’m there.

I have lived in FL, IL, CO, IA and MA. ALL of the have sucky summers.

I am not a heat tolerant person. :cool:

I want that job. It clearly takes no skill, and after the five minutes it took me to think up the weather word, I could spend the rest of the day screwing around.

I went to the Taste this morning and “Uncle!” is right. GodDAMN it was hot.