OK, in Phoenix, 109 is not hot.

Newcomers to the Phoenix are are often bemused when weatherpeople and news anchors call any temperature up to 110 F. “warm.” Only when it is above 110 do they admit it is hot.

The other day on the radio I heard, “The heat warning has been canceled, as the high is expected to be only 108.”

BTW, we have already had 25 days with temperature above 110. If that seems bad, the all-time high was 122. When we got here, the first summer it reached 121.

And, in this monsoon season, it definitely ain’t “a dry heat,” so don’t expect me to sympathize with your hot weather. :smiley:

I’m a little south of you where it’s stalled out at a more reasonable 106. I’m beginning to suspect that human beings really weren’t meant to live here.

Yeah, it’s a little warm. :cool:

I loved living in Phoenix, I remember the valley bank building on Central and Osborn reading 122 - I still have the picture of it. Film - if that says how long ago it was.

In all my Phoenix experience was avery good one. We lived in Ahwatukee right on the South Mountain Preserve. Very nice. We walked in the evenings and early morning. I remember the first few weeks after we moved there from New England. I walked everyday at 5:45 am and the mountain was packed with people. I remember thinking “wow there’s a lot of people out this early.” Then at about 3pm I figured out why. HOT HOT HOT.

I miss parts of the desert, but I certainly don’t miss the over crowding and heightening crime rates.

I was once in Pheonix for the Fiesta Bowl (as it turned out, we didn’t get ot go to it because the promoters moved the day to get a better TV audience) with the high school band. It was over Chsitmas break. In Indiana we were wearing long sleeve shirts, overshirts, jeans, and sometimes long underwear. There, we were wearing t-shirts and shorts. And complaining it was too hot. :smiley:

During the parade day, it was darn near 100. We wore wool. And were marching through downtown at noon with all the light glinting off the skyscrapers. I think I lost five pounds in the march. :eek:

I’ve visted twice to Phoenix, and I’m from the midwest. I understood exactly why ~108F wasn’t considered hot. 90F here with humidity kicks Phoenix’s ass in a hell contest.