I'm Back

I’m so glad. And don’t beat yourself up over needing to take a break from the overblown drama and explosions. In another venue, the analogy of Russian novels came to mind, all overwrought drama, inflamed sensibilities and exhausting, dreary LENGTH.

The important thing is your return. You added a valuable voice to this board and I’m honestly delighted you feel strongly enough to rejoin.

The manner of your leaving and return: piffle and details. You’re back and posting!


I’m speechless…

That damn well better just be a figure of speech! :slight_smile:

Eagles may soar free and proud, but weasels never get sucked into jet engines.

Slythe: Of course. I plan to continue in my tradition of being a long-winded intellectual pratt. :slight_smile: It’s just… me, :cool:

Coming out of the woodwork to give a mighty “Welcome Back” to SingleDad…I am glad you changed your mind.

Hey SingleDad, I enjoy talking to you outside of here my friend, look forward to gambling with you soon.


techchick – signing off but know I am lurking…love most all of you guys, I do. I never promised I wouldn’t lurk, just said I didn’t plan on it. Damnit, this place is like a fucking drug.

What 2sense said. Welcome back.

When you know that your time is close at hand
Maybe then you’ll begin to understand
Life down here is just a strange illusion

Welcome back, SingleDad! I too have tried to escape the clutches of The Straight Dope ™ Message Board over the years, but it’s no use. It’s too darned addictive. I hope you’ll stay awhile (because you’ll never get away from it, BWAHAHAHAHA!).

“No matter how thin you slice it, it’s still baloney.” - Alfred E. Smith

Well, Single Dad, I was so sad you left, I didn’t bother to post any more 10-year old jokes in your clean joke thread. As my contribution to your welcome back I offer:

A man walks into the doctor’s office, with a green bean in each nose, part of a banana in his ear and a taco in his belly button. He tells the doctor, “I’m not feeling well”. The doctor says, “Well, for a start, I can see you aren’t eating right.”

Groaaaaannnnnn. Welcome back. Even (some of us) newbies are glad.

inconceivable? i don’t think that word means what you think it does

DUH make that each nostril…though my 9 year old actually told it the way I wrote it.

So did you try the pie-dividing thing? Did it work?

“I must leave this planet, if only for an hour.” – Antoine de St. Exupéry

Are you a turtle?

I don’t normally post to the “I’m Leaving” or “I’m Back” threads, but I think I’ll make an exception.

SingleD, sometimes we need to pull away from something to better judge its relative worth in our lives. Sometimes, that “trial separation” tells us that we are better off without whatever-it-was. Othertimes, the separation lets us know that was something that we really do value, and we want to go back.

When it comes to the Message Boards, I think it takes great courage to say, “I went away, I found was wrong in my assessment, I’m coming back.” I applaud you for it; way too many people leave (IMHO) because they can’t say (or even allow the implication) “I was wrong.”

Welcome back!

And happy dancing overtook the land,
Far and wide, in every village and town,
the peasants rejoiced…

…and it was good.

Man, this day is looking better already.
Welcome back, glad to see ya.

Wisdom is the boobie prize,they give you when you’ve been --unwise!


Welcome back, SingleDad.

Now we need to convince the other dad, Nu Vo Da Da to come back as well.


Ask the Gay Guy! (or, if you prefer the Jesusfied version, Asketh the damn Priest Guy!)

“Never assume a malicious intent when stupidity will explain just as well.”

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Hi SD,

Glad to see you here again.

You presence has been requested over at Opal’s place too.

Follow this link

to a thread devoted to “where the heck is Single Dad”

How was the rain yesterday? I heard the buckets really opened up over So. Cal.

The Turtle Moves

Welcome back!

For your clean joke thread (and Esprix):

Q: What do you get when you cross a Unitarian with a Jehovah’s Witness?

A: Someone who knocks on your door but doesn’t know why.

Q: What do you get when you cross a Lutheran with a Buddhist?

A: Someone who worries alot about nothing.


Not to proud to steal, not even from Garrison K.

SingleDad, I’ve never yet voiced the high regard I hold you in, so let me do it here. Even when I disagree with you I find your posts worthwhile and well thought out. I hope you continue to post on this board.

Perked Ears indicate curiosity - Know Your Cat

Welcome back, SingleDad! Check out my new sig - inspired by the Logical Fallacies thread.

God is love. Love is blind. Ray Charles is blind. Therefore, Ray Charles is God.

First, that was a impostor troll above me.

Second, good to have you back!

Third, you owe me a lunch, you bastard! :smiley:

Sorry, Mr. C- check out the thread dates.

SD isn’t back.

Yeah, but you can always hope.

::engaging rumor mill::