I'm Being Immortalized in Film

The Hangover Part II is filming in Thailand right now. In this past “Sunday People” section of that day’s Bangkok Post – the newspaper inexplicably does not put that section on its website, so I can’t link to it – there was a story about Bill Clinton’s cameo that he did while he was in town to speak on alternative energy at Government House. Going on to mention other stuff related to the movie, the story mentioned they’d filmed a scene in Cactus Bar in Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy red-light bar area. It said they’d redecorated the outside and renamed it … Siam Sam’s!

I happen to know the owner of Cactus Bar, a fellow American named John. Hails from Missouri. I sent him a message asking if that was true – he doesn’t know about the Board – and he confirmed it.

That’s quite a coincidence. I wonder if any of the movie people are Board members.

And here I thought you were replacing Mel Gibson.:wink:

Why, I’ll have you know it’s literally been weeks since I beat my wife. Weeks, I’m pretty sure.

The same article mentioned Mel will still receive a US$750,000 fee despite the decision to bump him from the film. Man, I’m in the wrong business. :frowning:

He plans to use the $750k check to wipe his baby daughter’s ass.

I found a photo of the sign! See it here (although I think this is generally work-safe, it does have some content that may be deemed questionable, so I’m breaking the link):


About halfway down the page. It’s the weekly column of a local New Zealander who goes by the name of Stickman. I didn’t get around to reading his column last week, or I would have noticed this sooner.

Video from The Hangover Part II set

"What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok can’t even be imagined."

During the interview part, they’re drinking my brew, Singha.

Bet you wish we had avatars now :wink:

Congratulations on being immortalified in film, Siam. I could have had a brick in a sidewalk named after me once, but wasn’t willing to shell out the $20. Now you get a nightclub named after you for nothing! Life is so unfair!

That’s nice. Get back to me when you’re being immoralized in film.

Wait, you’re Bill Clinton? :eek:

Never. :wink:

Update: Theatrical poster and video preview here. (And I’m pretty sure I recognize that cockroach.)

Starts Memorial Day in the US. No word about when it comes here, if ever. Probably will

A new trailer is out. See it here.

This really had better play in Thailand. I don’t want to have to wait for the DVD.