I'm being invited to a Steampunk Wedding - How do I dress?

It appears that my SO and I are being invited to a steampunk wedding. While I realize I am under no obligation to dress in steampunk, I would like to try.

We recently went with a group to see Sherlock Holmes and I was able to piece together a steampunk outfit fairly easily, but it was more of girl-dressed-as-newsboy kind of outfit, not at all appropriate for a wedding.

The wedding is Valentine’s Day weekend, so I don’t have much time. I’m also tall & plus-sized, so I’m not hopeful for being able to find much ready made.

But I do have a sewing machine and can do some basic sewing (no corsets).

Any ideas/suggestions, anyone?

I just want to say that you have very cool friends.

Wear a suit, a monocle and a bowler hat and you should be fine. :wink: If you are looking for some ideas definitely check out a sexualized reinterpretation of the Victorian era. The Victorian era was horrid for fashion so you don’t want to portray the ACTUAL Victorian era, but a modern reinterpretation like Sherlock Holmes works.

Thank you! I tend to agree. :smiley:

My first thought: Goth with Victorian/Edwardian “tech” accessories. Lots of sites available…

DIY is the way to go unless you’re really rich. Some ideashere

And, yes. You have some really cool friends!

I have a white pin-stripe-pleated blouse. Do you think if I sewed a long, full skirt (with maybe a crinoline type thing underneath) and then teched it up - it would be presentable enough? I’ve got some victorian enough shoes, and a nice velvet choker. And I can do the gathered curls on the head . . .

I can try for a vest as well - just sometimes they don’t fit me well.

Pretty much any character (esp the heroine) from the comic Girl Genius should do nicely for inspiration, I think.

Plus brass doodads. Prominent brass doodads can help make anything steampunky. That or a nice hat.

There’s a boatload of cool steampunk jewelry on Etsy, either for purchase or for inspiration.

Sexualized victorian. You can go for a skirt to the ground, white peasant or boho top, and a vest over it. Bonus points if you can get a push up bra and leave it unbuttoned or loosely tied for subtle boobage. For accessories, anything brass. A pocketwatch. Shoes would probably be best as boots, but they’re gonna be under the skirt. You can do a corset instead of the vest–Torrid has them–but they might not have anything appropriate, as most of what they have involves straps of some sort (spaghetti straps over the shoulder, a “corset” in other words).

If you want to be desexualized, go with the suit/vest/bowler/brass thing.

Side note–I detest this style of fashion. Sexualized pseudo-Victorian is exactly it. And the role of women. . .guh. I am probably the only person on the face of the earth who feels demeaned by the uber-empowered stereotypes who still dress in clothing that is completely impractical for their line of work. Smart girls are hot–but only if they’re cute and wear skirts and glasses and are somehow a little bizarrely off in the head. Because we wouldn’t want them to be, like, normal people…

…and when I say I detest it, I mean that I know it looks freakin’ awesome, but can’t bear to do it myself. Sigh. I am no fun at all, and overanalyze everything, and that rant’s been four years coming. Sorry.

Anyway, what I suggested can work for a quick steampunk-y outfit. Also, check how long the wedding + reception is supposed to be. I did my own wedding as a seven-hour stint in a corset, and, by the end of things, I was ready to rip the fucker off. If it’s long, and you’re not used to the style of dress, plan for comfort. Trust me.

The last panel of this strip should give you a decent idea. This one, too.

Personally, I’d add a lab coat and/or goggles. 'Cause I like the mad scientist side of steam punk.

We tend towards explorers, so my daughter has a lot of khaki, painted Super-Soakers, and pith helmets.

And brass bits.

I have nothing to add, except…

Pix pls! :smiley:

So. Freakin’. Jealous.


The pin-striped blouse and skirt combo sounds great. Since you’re sewing your own skirt, you may as well be a little creative and add a simple fabric bustle for maximum steampunkiness. Here’s a neat tutorialfor a simple short bustle that you can wear with a plain full length skirt (so that it can be worn again in a non-steampunk setting) or on its own if you’re feeling a bit more risque. Goggles, if you can manage them, would totally be the crowning touch.

There’s also an entire steampunk fashion community over at LiveJournal that regular posts links to tutorials, patterns, plus lots of photos of completed outfits if you want extra inspiration. (linkie)

MORE points for UNsubtle boobage.

A daughter came to dinner tonight in a frilly blouse, loose-ish pants tucked into kneehigh boots so they looked kinda like jodhpurs, and black tails. When she added some wirerimmed specs the effect was complete, despite no attempt at boobage.

In a manner to make everyone ejaculate in surprise, I assume.

The picture posted to the right on this site looks easy to assemble. A long dark skirt with a light top and dark corset strings would look good.

Thanks everyone for your ideas - I’m thinking I might be able to pull this off. And I’ll make sure to take pictures!

You need to hit All Saints for your outfit and John Fluevog for your shoes.



A hat is a must. Either a pseudo-victorian veiled affair, or else something explorer-y like a pith helmet or leather flying helmet.