I'm cooking up something new for dinner - ever had kalua pig hash?

I’ve had it, and it’s ono, or utterly delicious.

We had it at a nice little cafe on the big island of Hawaii. It’s kalua pig, or long-cooked shredded pork, mixed with diced cooked potatoes and onions, formed into a big cake, and fried until it crusts up. We had it for breakfast with over-easy eggs, but I’m serving it for dinner tonight sans eggs. I think the side dishes will be baby spinach salad with Maui onions, and sliced ripe mango. I hope it turns out right.

Has anyone else ever had this hash and can offer a word of advice? I’m running on memory and some sparse internet recipes.

That sounds delicious. I clicked the tread title kind of fearing it would be pork and coffee liqueur. It was a scary sounding combination.

It turned out dangerously delicious. Not being a hash expert, however, I was hoping it would form itself into a cohesive big “patty”. It was more of a loose affair, not that it didn’t taste fabulous. I slowly baked a big pork shoulder for several hours wrapped in foil, shredded some of it, mixed it with diced steamed potatoes and some pre-fried onions. Then it was fried in a big scrambly mix in a skillet until it was glazed and browned over in parts.

It’s a porky, tender, crusty, potato-y dish, and we have enough for breakfast leftovers in a couple of days.